behind those spiky cliffs

man!!!!if you think rock climbing is a tedious sport, how would you describe then rock climbing with all ur stuff including a bulky orange vest floater (whatever u call it??/life vest?) on your right arm?

the taste of the magnificent barracuda lake does not begin once you hit the water. for to get to the lake, one must carry all your equipment (if you’re a diver) & your stuff (if you’re not) and climb up and down the jagged rock face that surrounds the famed lake.


once in the lake, though, all the verbal profanities from the infernal rock climb are lost as a whole new adventure begins!!!as we swam deeper (farther i must say) into the secluded waters, the temperature soared up to a toasting 40 degrees celsius! it was so hot on some areas that you’d think that you’re reaching earth’s abyss. (this condition of a gradient temperature change is termed as a thermocline).

the deepblue water…and the surrounding rock formation (that would mimic an iceberg but only of limestone component) experience is definitely a bizarre experience–almost as if i was in another planet. barren rocks formed awesome cliffs underwater, (as told by my 2 great getaway chums – M & J) inhabited by awesome underwateer creatures and near-transparent fish. barracuda lake is known the lone, great barracuda (obviously!) that resides in its thermal waters…to this day, people can only guess…and romanticize at how it had found itself from the sea into the secluded lake, fueling theories of underground caverns and passageways. this “king of the sea” barracuda failed to meet me though…own limitation i must say…can’t dive yet :-( …i still have other hundred things to…this lake…with all its majesty…made me think twice or even thrice of going back to my real world…in manila…oh man!i’m missing the place already.


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