wetty grounds


rain finally has come to my part of the archipelago. i’ve been waiting for it to make its wet presence felt for weeks. for some reasons (of which i cannot actually figure out)…i love it when it rains.

i’ve remembered mentioning to a friend once (who happens to be a londoner) that i know if it’s raining because i can smell it. he looked at me funny, and probably thought that asians had an extra nerve to detect rain. but really, don’t you know the smell of the earth when it has been sprinkled with water from the heavens? don’t you feel the heat rising from the ground, the leaves of the trees washed and refreshed?

rain reminds me of happy times. in my earlier years, when the air in my hometown was a little less polluted than it is now, i used to join a big group of kids who run around the village bathing in the rain on our naked glory (not totally, though). we were a pack of brats giggling and heckling and splashing water every which way. we would sometimes stop to take a breather, but most of the time we were running as fast as the water comes down from the sky. i remember being bundled in a warm towel while my mother ensues a heavy scolding. and then a proper bath would follow before we sleep the rest of the afternoon.

how fun it would be to run around again, playing in the rain. i miss my mother’s welcoming wrap, albeit it comes with a scolding. i miss snuggling to my pillow as the pitter-patter of rain lulls me to sleep. really, can’t we always stay young? can’t the skies always stay unpolluted? can’t life stay that simple? ah, rhetorics.

i pray to the heavens for more rain–torrents to wash away the grime of the day; flood to carry off all my worries; clean, heaven-sent water to remind me that all is renewed for another day!


2 Responses to “wetty grounds”

  1. 1 Mark 25 June, 2005 at 8:38 pm

    One of the most fascinating things about the rains, according to a friend, is that you get to breathe in the most pure air as possible after a deluge. Even hail comes in to join when rains falls into surprise.
    i like those subtle reminders of fun when kids were still kids, it further reminds you that everything will break and bend in due time.
    Just a thought.

  2. 2 Lei 19 July, 2005 at 5:41 pm

    hi bes! funny, awhile ago while driving to the office i was just thinking how i love the rain today, the hard splash of water in the windshield of my car reminds me of my youth when my neighbors and i would run in the streets while bathing in the rain, but unlike you though, i don’t get any scoldings because like me, my father also loves to bathe in the rain, hahaha! may kadamay ako ;)

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