the art of C

beleaguered by the thought that things would not work out the way one wanted them to be…one resorts to the last available choice—compromising. the word, often misused, abused, and who-knows-what-else, is often seen as the last recourse, a last minute option.but, why not, for the love of Montressor, apply the art of compromise before the situation goes out of hand? technically, that would not only be the available option; the other, of course, is ending the relationship. the latter is equivalent to a malignant tumor (in its final stage), only waiting for the proverbial apocalypse.

…resorting to compromises is not a unique solution, but a feasible one…this goes to show that people, partners in particular, sexual, emotional, lifetime, or just for the heck of it, have various and oftentimes conflicting interests. such interests, more often than not, overlap causing a verbal display of animosity, emotional anxiety, incessant flow of tears, and other types of defense mechanisms.

therefore, before things go out of hand, and plates and saucers start to fly akin to an unidentified flying object, one should realize the value of knowing the other person’s likes, dislikes, and limitations. such is the key to preventing the happening of the undesirable. if one thinks that the other cannot, in the ordinary course of events, fulfill a certain thing; then learn to adjust to such particular situation.

…relationships, no matter how ideal they seem, are not destined to perfection, as a general rule. there would always be petty fights, uncomfortable moments, and absurd conflicts. but the beauty in every relationship lies not on the extremely blissful encounters; rather it is found on the recovery from the trying times. relationships are two way alleys. there should always be an ample amount of sacrifice from the other person. this is necessary in order for the other to realize that both of them are indeed exerting enough effort to maintain the relationship.

attaining perfection is useless. the act of wanting it is all that matters. relationships included. if one cannot fully accept his partner, he must at least respect his partners individuality.


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