al pacino’s favorite sin => VANITY

My birthday is a few days away, and I’m posting my current shopping list here, just in case you’d like to buy me something and if you were wondering what I’d like. I  was a bit hesitant to post this shopping list, and I have been thinking about it a long time. I eventually decided to do it because it’s a fun blog. heheheheheeh!


Body Shop Dry Olive Oil Mist – it’s gonna be perfect for me since i have parched skin =(

Havaianas_gold Havaianas Gold or Havaianas IPE (cyan blue) – I’m a size 39-40. I want the gold one so much more, and it’s cheaper than IPE. But both are out of stock last month hence i bought a white one instead. but i realized i need a gold one to compliment to my not so cool feet ;-)


NARS blush in Orgasm – I tried this one in the counter and its shade is perfect to my morena skin especially when i feel like dressing preppy. Look at the peachy-pink shade. And really, it’s the closest I can get to one. :) besides i think it’s about time to say goodbye to bronzie looking shade :)

45280604_953b59be71_mWeight Lifting Gloves from Nike or Valeo (medium) -My gloves are already chafed from all the weight lifting, and it’s time for me to replace them to avoid the callouses in my hands from getting bigger or if not this NF gloves i’m so inlove with for my hiking needs :)


I really need a gym bag.45280342_3bbbdcfff5_m Any brand. I prefer a duffel bag so I can take items in and out easily. I also prefer nice handles so it’s not so heavy when I carry it. I’d also like a spacious one because I carry so much gym stuff! i have this NF bag terra 40, Aph7636_mag

but it just looks awkward using it to gym :)

….ei pwens…:) especially those with a big heart …hehehhe…still have few listing but these are still on queue :

Akira Kurosawa DVDs (Rashomon or 7 Samuarai)



or the Anansi Boys of Neil would be best! i must admit i’m such a geek! ;-)



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