opt to fulfill

…have you ever slept whilst driving?

…mate i’ve had…and i’m afraid it’s already a habit of mine…i know…i know…and i’ve learned my lesson the hard way…again in C4…awww!

good thing a former college schoolmate was there, cheers to that ever helpful bloke, a “shomboy”. he gave me a hand, and was able to have a good riddance from the scene =). got your back next time!

lessons learned:

1. i’d prioritize getting my driver’s license on Monday. (been driving all over manila and even in the suburb’s outskirts without that precious paper!arrgh!)

2. i’d consider sleeping earlier at night and not to stash a paperback till wee hour in the morning, so i wont be a sleepy head at daytime (*sigh* such a night person)


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