cheers bes!

our history goes way back in the four corners of our dear alma mater…when sm city (north) was still the posh tambayan of anthonians…when blue magic was still the perfect gift shop…when the dr.C’s directorship is the only authority we knew…when wednesday’s general assembly meant spending more time chatting with our friends from other sections…and when wearing ID was still synonymous to Teacher R’s version of Martial Law…which is by the way we’re almost always willing to break (just for the sake of bitch fun) harharahar!

we got separated on our undergraduate studies when she pursued CS degree. those were the times when i realized how our relationship was deepend and strengthened coz despite us not regularly seeing each other, we’d be able to catch up with each other’s stories at no time at all…and there you go,.. laughters and spiteful debates over even the most mundane things were palpable in our dates.

and now that we’re both thriving in a corporate world, we seem to have more time bonding and growing!…we’ve explored towns…cities..and even countries!all in the name of our chalah times! ;-)

we may have outgrown our old mannerisms…habits…lingo & ghettos…but she has remained!

she still is unique…never falters to brighten the world with her sunny disposition..never fails to make you happy with her absurd thoughts…astonishes you with her web dsigning and pingpong prowess..with an occasional display of sardonic wit in between…she is more than a friend… laughs with you. ..cries with you…understands your moods. .. gives you personal space…and is never tired to listen to your stories…

she is your reality check…she would always remind you to weigh the consequences of your actions… she allows you to do things based on your own understanding…but she would ask you to later evaluate your decision, without questioning its relevance.

we may have had occasional disagreements over stuffs on sexuality and mediocrity…but i know, she has won that battle already..and is now certain of who she really is..!(something i am indeed thankful to the Father)!

looking at our friendship, all I can say is that it’s an amalgam of treasured moments…it wasn’t rosy. wasn’t perfect either… it has its shares of ups and downs…but, that’s why it is worth sharing!!!…the mistakes that we have encountered along the proverbial road made her a tougher person, a better person. ..And for that, i am eternally proud of her!

she is by the way celebrating her birthday today! labyu bes! mwaaah!


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