US$1 vis-a-vis Php51


was so occupied the whole day that i first heard about it when i was in a drive-thru of mcdo eastwood (on my way to meet my HS barkadas)..overheard it to a flock of security guards chatting while on duty…but the story was vague, even thought there was a bombingΒ  (what do i expect, i was an eavesdropper)…
at arigato(already with D, M,J & P) found out it wasn’t a bombing incient. it was stampede. more than 70 people are dead. more than 200 people are injured. children got lost. some people are still missing. awwww! :-( how tragic.
all for the hope of getting instant money.
while watching the news coverage, almost burst to tears and infuriation. these people had high hopes when they went to Ultra. can we really blame them if they were very pushy to join the contest? two million is at stake and other stuffs that they think would alleviate their impoverish state. some of them feel that this is their only way to financial salvation. destitute enough to queue for a couple of days all in the name of holding to that little hope of winning something.

that network, i can’t help but blaming them a bit. they don’t want this to happen i know, but they could have prevented it or prepared for it. ultra? they too are partakers. at this point, i need someone to blame. i need someone to poke my anger on.

our government??oh yeees! 90% of the culpability is to our ever efficient & honest government!!! do you want to see how hard life continues to be? geez!people going nuts for a chance out of poverty. for a chance to win Php1 million.the tragic thing? people stayed on hoping that the show would go on even after finding out there were dead peeps outside. how desperate they must have been :-(

so madamme president. next time you crow how good the economy is going, how elated you are with the best performing currency in asia, think: do you absolutely believe that the people who queued for wowowee give a damn if the peso breaks 50???!

numptie head you got!

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