i counted it – it’s 4x!

got used to seeing indie films lately, but been itching to see the big, glossy hollywood movie “the departed”. it’s one of my most-awaited films of the year as it is based on one of my favorite movies, hong kong’s “infernal affairs.”. plus the fact that matt damon has one of the lead roles and yes, jack nicholas, takes his share. (excuse to all rooting for leonardo, haha!)

i’ve seen the original movie, and the element of surprise i guess would be non-existent seeing the adaptation. but matt is there, and he has not let me down in any flicks he did. and of course, i won’t mind seeing a cheaply produced film, if only to ogle matt’s face on the silverscreen :-) get the drift? yeah!yeah! i’m subjective on matters of matt :-) geez! i’m flooding this post with his name..hahaha!

J & M? how ‘bout this weekend? been postponing it for 2 weeks already. pleaaase..?

oh no!..say friday night? got a climb on weekend (almost forgot)…seems i’m gonna be full until my birthday’s wake, eh? :-)

turning 27 on the 23rd. why do i feel like i just started adolescence? when most of my friends either feel too old to still be single or too occupied because they have already married and got kids to look after? how bizarre! feel like i’ve just started my life :-) for whatever reason, what i know for now is…

i.am.happy! :-)


2 Responses to “i counted it – it’s 4x!”

  1. 1 jaylord 18 October, 2006 at 3:57 pm

    Let’s Drink to that! Advance happy Bday Ate banggigay, atleast i still have the norms to call you ate since, you’ve just felt adolescence.

    Anyhow, another year will be added, things may differ, situations may find vicissitudes but hey, you are still the old Ate banggigay i have known from the start….

    I may say one of my role models… Pakish nga!! hehehehe

  2. 2 banggigay 9 July, 2007 at 8:00 pm

    hahaahah! cheers, jay! ei,mate! why aren’t you updating your blog anymore? hmmm? and the status? single eh?

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