celebrating life

who wouldn’t be touched for such a display of thoughtfulness sparkled with sweetness???

my atenean friends threw a surprise party for me at my alterego’s penthouse. i almost screwed it up, as i was having qualms on celebrating it that night (read: im climbing the next day and getting wasted the night before is the least that i want), besides it is still the 20th and never have i celebrated it few days earlier.

but the night turned out a night of great gaiety. kudos to bentong, myke, je, ellai, yska, gryf, atty, baby ella,bibe,cp & his girl and to my dear mares – encho & tinapot (we believe we are tina, mane & sheryl next generation of thats entertainment!) and to chalahs – mark & jepot – (could have been the dark cloud).

and if high spiritedness of the peeps is not enough to make me jaunty and bubbly, my folks’ video (they conspired and raid interviewed my dad & mum) completed that night. :-) they were both very showbiz to that effect! hahaha!

was able to prove too that singing marathon on a videoke won’t help you beating double shooters korean drink. arrrgh! and passing out was my lamest display of quitting that night! waaah! all my friends are still partying whilst i on the other hand is already on bed. sick. oh i should say, half dead! and the only nurse i’ve got is a 5 year old little angel beside my bed. hahahah!

thank goodness, they finished 4ish, thus waking me up in time for my 5am call (mountaineers call time at shaw blvd). yay! i.did.not.miss.the.climb! (deserves a separate post)


family night at MOA. another advance celeb with my family this time. it was their first time there and they were in awe of MOA’s vastness. simply put: revolutionized malling experience.


the ceo (aye! he has resurrected!), threw a party for me last night at sid’s bar. and since the ceo is a part owner…woot!woot!…sky is the limit in everything! harharhar! i missed counting how many calamares, sizzlings, fish & chips, and drink orders we took. and queueing for billiards game was never a problem that night! ;-) 10ish, we drove to KJ, to top off the party with dancing & singing :-)
this time it is the coo’s turn to treat us! hahahah! i’m loving this! party after party, and still a pennyless celebration for me :-)

me thinks this is a weeklong of merriment:

tues – cousins at cafΓ© havana
fri – mapuans at bollywood
weekend – anthonians and still checkin where. guys make up your mind!

dinner at a newly opened resto strip at serendra was splendid (whatever this means!) ;-)

how about a paid domain for my photos and a blog account (N created for me) for my ramblings as a present? (help! please teach me how to transfer the contents here to that account so life would be easier for me!)

…and couple of books that are still in my wishlist? i can’t be happier than this! :-)

in all these worth, i thank the heavens for another year of life’s complexities. it was a year of joy ride, and hope it gets more exciting and more meaningful as the year passes :-)


2 Responses to “celebrating life”

  1. 1 sardonicnell 25 October, 2006 at 12:33 pm

    happy birthday bangge! cheers to long life, love, peace and happines. God bless !

  2. 2 banggigay 30 October, 2006 at 6:05 pm

    tenchyu buchibuchi! :-)

    pakiss nga! mwaaah!

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