outright chatty

phew! almost did not make it this term’s enrollment. i was late for 3 weeks, but thanks to only-in-da-philippines way of holiday declarations, i only missed one class – thus school registrar allowed me to be enlisted in strama class. i was having second thoughts before though whether to enroll this term or not (thus purposely delaying my registration). work in the office is in a heap on my table and the 2nd work is just as demanding. and spreading myself too thin is somethin’ i was never good at (read: i’m poor in time management). but i was compelled to enroll now or all of my friends will march on august whilst i am still jaded with my strama paper (it’s like thesis in other grad school). a while ago was my first attendance in that class, and i got prompted with a thought : gosh! this is it! this is my make or break moment in my 2 years of grad schooling!

father, teach me to manage my time well.

the ceo approached my station this morning and out of the blue said…i am sending you to PA next year for a conference / training…woot!woot! i know he’s been saying this since the early months of this year…but for some reasons, it never loses its magic on me! ;-)


i still am seriously considering learning mandarin…(i know i am not yet even finished with my français course)…everytime i would read wsj, i cant help but be more convinced to study mandarin. the notion was first verbalized here i believe, but sleeping giant’s sudden boost in economy is flabbergasting the entire world! who’d want to be left behind by those chinky eyed people? :-)


i attended a high scaled group of companies launching last tuesday night. saw a couple of familiar faces and chatted to most of them. but what struck me most was when i saw my old client, S, making his way inside on the red carpet (whilst my colleague & i are waiting for our ceo). i was hesitant really to greet him, as we’ve lost touch since may (me thinks i disappointed him in my previous project with him), but he was polite and gentleman enough to approach me and greet me with a beso. i was like, uh-oh! hope he isn’t really mad at all, it’s just my mind again working double time.
anyway, didn’t have the chance to chat with him that long, much as i wanted to. but i sincerely hope, in time we would catch up like the old times. after all he is still my #1 client – smartest and most level headed at that. cheers, S! :-)


colleagues say i’m imeldific, but with her collection of ah-vai-yah-nas, effffing 43 PAIRS in all!!! i fell short to her glory. hahaha! btw whoever said crocs islander is cool must be out of his mind. it’s oddly big, and oddly designed. i wonder why i see long queue of men in rustans buying a pair of this one. but i admit though being a fan of the ultra comfy crocs athens, and i just luv its colors. :-)


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