moment of zero crime rate


to him it was like a walk in the park…after 3 rounds of bout, he was an untouched fighter to me, whilst the other was a wounded warrior (both emotionally and physically). i felt bad for morales’ fate…but how can i, including the entire pinas, not celebrate such victory of the national fist! ;)

reflecting on yesterday’s festivity, it made me ask myself, why do pinoys understand only nationalism in moments like this..on a ring and are ought to prove the world how strong we are as a people. we have more serious problems…overpopulation, environmental concerns, traffic, crime rate, graft & corruption, bureaucracy, and poverty…that it has become imperative for us to work as a nation. if only we would each do our part in nation building, the most coveted price of economic growth would be at hand.

i attended last friday’s eaglewatch forum, cong. teddy locsin said, ‘we must not trust foreigners what we must do for our country. we have to learn to distrust them so we will learn only to trust ourselves. not until we learn to be hostile to these people, we will never exercise the true sense of nationalism’ . i must say there is truism to this. we readily embrace whatever white people show us. we faithfully follow the trends of the rich west, at the expense of blinding ourselves with our own creativity and ingenuity.

in ateneo, it is the graduate schoolwide campaign to make our nation our business. the academe is tapping our nationalistic spirit to stir us to give significant contribution to our country by leading effectively in our own workplace. they are putting their confidence to us, but honestly, even after i have been inspired by all these initiatives, personally, i am uncertain what specific things i must do to make such a significant contribution.

sure, a lot of us wanted to help our country in our own way, but most of us are in the wilderment and are unsure what to undertake. haaay. i guess, i really have to start contemplating on these tonight…how do i help? what can i do in particular?…i hope to get back to you guys with a number of sensible and specific things to do…to you guys out there…if you already have things in mind…sharing it here won’t hurt…i tell you, there is an incomparable satisfaction when one knows how to share to others :) *happiness*


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