viz-min leg

the itchy feet has been gone for a week to travel. sure i luv traveling, but to fly daily for my davao-cebu-bacolod-manila inspection was not a welcome treat. my ears popped more than i could remember. and if there’s such thing as being sea sick, i got air sick. not to mention that i was with my ceo and client during the entire trip. not that i dislike them but since this being a business trip, i am compelled to dress appropriately, speak ‘corporately’ and move cautiously – thus making me a totally different person when i’m with chalahs (light, bubbly and carefree).


davao city
i was early for the check-in time, and it was my first time to get the chance to choose my preferred seat. haha! yes, first time. (you wouldn’t want to piss off the ceo moreso the client of being tardy). i instantly replied to the lady, ‘window seat please’ :-) (super babaw but my response lingered to me until we arrived davao. it felt good to be on time and fly stress-free for a change).

this was my second time in the typhoon-free and world’s largest city. but its novelty has never faded. davao city is a ‘rurban’ place. sprouting low rise buildings and hotels makes it a metropolis but its late afternoon breeze and laid back locals make it a perfect getaway from manila’s jungle.

we took the shuttle van to mp, eventhough we have not reserved a booking yet. we walked-in to the hotel’s front desk to find out there are no more available standard rooms. so we opt to get superior rooms instead. this wasn’t a good idea for a backpacker like me – hotel is five star and we did not get discount for an early booking. (the company pays but i still think that it was wasteful). i chose again the sea view side, like when we did last year when i was with chalahs. i especially like davao’s sunrise and the citylights’ drama at night.

the branch was a stone’s throw away, thus we just walked to see the site. we stayed there for over an hour and headed to guess where – jack’s ridge ;-) it is a resto atop a hill, overlooking the city (very much like antipolo’s cloud 9). they serve superb fresh seafoods. fresh oyster, check. buttered lobster, check. sizzling blue marlin, check, sinigang na ulo ng maya-maya check. baked scallop check. hahah! another gastronomic festive for me eh? :-)

on a regular day, the ceo dislikes filipino cuisine. oh yes. his aversion to pinoy food is on the OA range as he married a pinay, lives and works in pinas, and loving our dish is one of the common denominator of expats here. (well, he is one chap who’s happy with fish and chips!blek!) but that night he stuffed himself so much, and it’s easy to say he enjoyed the food more than i did.

9ish we’re back in the hotel. intended to go out for a little late night walk, but i got too tired of the roller coaster flight (take note: we flew on pal’s boeing fleet).

but of course, i will not let anything come my way to see what is out there. thus in the morning after i hit the hotel’s gym (aye, with all carbs i ingested the night before i just think i need to shake it off), off i went to the market to buy sweet pomelos and to try durian ice cream. pomelo – i liked! manila doesn’t have anything close to its sweetness. but the ice cream, pffft! i just cant stand its nasty smell. even if a lot have been raving about it, i don’t think i can ever ride the bandwagon. (with apologies to davaoeños and durian lovers). maybe durian is not just really for me.

before i knew it, we have to leave to catch our next flight to cebu.

waaah!mt.apo…next time perhaps.


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