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i’m close to a point when i can say that i know this place like i know the back of my hand. since Tuesday january, i’ve been flying here weekly. and it’s difficult not to fall in luv with the queen cebu city of the south. it organically happens – you know!

mandaue city, lapu lapu city & cebu city – where we have an on-going project each – become a one small city altogether. you can go city hopping in-between the three in 30 minutes.

but i did not limit myself in knowing the big C, in these 3 cities. infact, just traveled all the way to its northern islands last weekend with chalahs (malapascua & bantayan – deserves another posting).

1994 (or was it 1995? R & S pls help me refresh my memory) when i first landed here. it was our church’s nat’l youth convention somewhere in lahug. it was my most momentous youth camp – ever!

and cebu has truly evolved to what it is today. streets are dotted with all forms of commercialism and coffee shops are not an exemption. whatever is in manila – it is already here (or almost all).

it has recently hosted the asean summit, which made cicc one of its outstanding left-overs. it stands proud on reclamation land, whilst several flags of other countries are wavering in its industrial-looking foyer (the trusses eh?!). and of course part of city’s preparation is the make-over of the coastal road – cool lamp posts, newly asphalted pavement, sweet landscape, red plastered sidewalks (which reminded me so much of oscar’s red carpet) and well-lit highway. but the fernan bridge (the newer of the two bridges connecting mandaue & mactan) was not to be left behind, with its palm landscape from the approach all the way down to the bridge. there are a lot more stuff in the city which can be attributed to the recent summit. but what truly caught my notice was the glossy brand new suvs of the policemen – all are in innova j series. (toyota must have earned fortune with such government’s purchase. government really has its way of investing for showing-off). taxpayers don’t rant please. save it later as this post is for another purpose :p

so back to near-utopia mode, i made sure i get to taste AA’s bbg, goodahgud’s seafoods, sutikil (sugba, tinola,kilawin) and cebu’s native treat – puso. Puso (pronounced like paso (claypot) where you put the stress in the end) – is a steamed rice wrapped & cooked in coconut leaves. i even saw some time, when i was on my way to lapu lapu project, a man ordered 6 puso, without ordering any viand and just dipped it to soy sauce. and not long enough, he burped in great satisfaction. wow! well, puso to me is good when it’s good, but terrible when it’s terrible. but man! tinolang isda?!highly recommendable to tagalogs!

i’m learning more and more cebuano phrases too. not that i’m compelled to, but their pride to their dialect rubs off to you, that you become interested to it.

tabo-an, dried seafoods haven. graaabe! danguit, torotot (pusit variance) dilis etc. more than 30 varieties and all are priced fairly (oh well at least relative to manila’s). but one must not forget their version of choriso (well actually ours in manila, it’s longganisa talaga but round & small cuts, and choriso is something else).

and if you are into mangoes, their dried mangoes rank one of the best in the country if not second to that of guimaras’ or zambales. i recommend guadalupe brand – not too sweet nor has a hairy-like texture cos it’s in strips.

ok here:

me: bai, OR please.

gas boy: ano ilagay ko mam sa OR?

me: etmontalbo associates

gas boy: unsa man?

me: tagalog pls, dili marunong mag-bisaya. e-t-montalbo. e-t-montalbo.

gas boy: e as in epol mam?

:p inside my head i said, nope e as in egol (eagle). peace! i luv bisayas – i’m clear on that ok? D is bisaya and so are my other friends. but i’m a long way to go in familiarizing myself to their accint accent.


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