ups and down

yay!it’s final!the last person for the team hua hin-pattaya-ayuttaya-bangkok trip has confirmed going. 7 now, final count. saya nito!another chalah adventure!

i bought a marvin gaye cd out of impulse. but it’s ok. he now reigns my ipod music for i guess the next few days.

i am team chiz! yup chiz escudero! hehehe! of the senatoriables, mv & him are my early favorites. why? much as i hate politics, i have the right to vote whomever i think best qualifies for the post. and i want to practice my inherent right this coming election. 10 more to go, before my ballot closes.

i was lead by N to this site – dumpr. and since then i’m simply unstoppable. :-)

dad’s bp was alarming last saturday. got too stressed whilst in cebu managing our projects. i can’t help but be furious to that insensitive and inconsiderate guy. you know who you are! thank goodness, dad reminded me not to let anger manipulate me. i think i need to attend anger management seminar. been having temper lately. pffft!

i’m supposed to be soaking myself with financial statements and economics of real estate business. these are substantial in formulating my strategies for my paper. 20th deadline is only two weeks from now. i haven’t even started my ife analysis! geeez! but here i am, of all things – blogging. help! i have a very bad case of procrastination :-(

hello lance gokongwei of cebupacific airlines! P1 promo is back (jun to dec flights)! hmmm…cdo? white water rafting? anyone?

i was told this morning to S.T.D.(save the date) 28th Oct. sanctuario & crowne (for reception) wow! B & M! cheers! you both deserve each other! equally beautiful people eh! hmmm…who’s next? ;-)

i’m gonna be a ninang to my 24th inaanak :-) my buddy F & his wifey K, had a baby last year, and is dedicating baby faye on sat. congrats kumpare!

N just gave birth to baby zara! woot!woot! another miracle around me. babies are miracles in the form of angels, dont you think? :-) congrats! mwaaah!



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