2nd opinion

this morning i went to my endocrinologist in usth stuh, to have my thyroid checked for any signs of activity. (have a lump in my neck – goiter).

it wasn’t really a scheduled one, like has been my routine quarterly since i had one. i just thought of going there after what happened last night. i was playing really loud on my sofia (ipod for those who don’t know her yet) lea’s remake of ‘promise me’ by beverly craven. and as frustrated singer as i am, i am belting it out just to reach her notes (to my failure of course!), when i unintentionally stroke my neck (throat area to be exact). lo & behold! i got disturbed how the used to be small lump inside my throat, has grown so big 5cm in diameter at a guess. sure, most of my friends noticed it already, and told me how disturbed they were too in their most innocuous fashion. but only until last night when i had a feel of it, when i started to get really panicky.

so there, i saw dra.florezca, and showed her my growing goiter. took her only less than 10minutes to get all my vital signs to say, you’re ok, no need to panic, you’re goiter is inactive.


i retorted, “doc, how come it has grown this big if it isn’t?i take medicines as you have prescribed but why the lump’s growth accelerated? don’t the pills suppose to stop its growth? doc, there must be something wrong”

she just smiled and said, “vangie, nothing. nagpapanic ka lang. but don’t be. infact you are gaining weight. you are skin and bones when your goiter was active few years back.”

“doc, sa lakas ko kumain ng rice and fries and lahat ng carb foods, natatalo ng appetite ko ang manifestations ng goiter ko like losing weight”

arrrrg! idahilan daw ba ang weight gain ko. d-oh! if there’s little faith i have left for this soft spoken, well-mannered doctor, it all vanished after that check-up.

i said before i left, “i will be submitting a request of pull-out of all my records of my case, so i can go see a new doctor. i don’t think i can still trust my throat with you. sorry!”

obviously i was really frustrated and mad when i left. i felt sick leaving the hospital with a grand check-up bill!pffft!my abhorrence revived to all these hospital scams. you weren’t satisfied with the service rendered, but you opt to pay them hard earned money!

anyway, today she is history to me. but the ordeal starts also today. waaah! i need to get a new endocrinologist, undergo t3/t4/tsh examinations (as i don’t want to rely on old records), have my throat laser scanned and all other things that would render death to my wallet! but if that’s the price i have to pay to appease my mind from my goiter, go!

mates, if you know a very good endocrinologist, please leave a note or drop me a line. sms too would be most welcomed.

my saga though doesn’t end here, what about if the new doc would recom an operation for its removal? waaah! i have a very dependable threshold to pain, but my skin is kelloidal (i just invented the word, u know what i mean). i’d have a kelloid on my neck that can rival a bvlgari intricate necklace design. haaay! horrible! i just hope our so-called top hospitals here have the no-scar technology already for this.
after all ordeals – cost, timing, doctor and all other things in between on my imminent operation, i wish to go back to my old ways – singing lea’s inspired album hits and belting it out to reach her notes:-) only that time – that big lump in my throat has been successfully extracted! ;-)


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