we finished 2nd

ok, so it came to me as a shock when the team captain told me yesterday morning, im playing doubles. i was like, whaaaat? i did not even practice nor played for ages, and you are putting the world on my shoulders? my mind is ready for a bakers game not this.

but can i say no? so there, i played with J for doubles whilst A played for singles women’s division.

it’s the annual inter-mba schools meet and i am again part of the bowling team. ( i wanted though to join badminton, but their practice schedule doesn’t match my free time).

1st game, was a nightmare! nothing seems to bowl right. i scored 55 at the end of the 10th frame….yessss! 55. i was soooo embarrassed i dont deserve to play for ateneo team. much so for doubles. waaah! my score wasn’t even this low when i first tried bowling 9 years ago.

but technical problem in alleys 19 & 20, made us transfer to alleys 11 & 12. guess what, after we changed alleys, 9 is the worst frame i could score :-) strike, spare strike, strike. man, i couldn’t be happier! :-)

it’s like ‘mourning to dancing’ experience to me. and though we weren’t able to get the 1st spot, we finished 2nd :-) we gave 80 pts for team ateneo for overall scoring. thanks to my partner’s consistency & bowling prowess ;-) you’re the winner, partner!

1st goes to dlsu, whom i believe are great bowlers!they deserve to be the champion.

but, i got turned off, of what their other team mates did yesterday. well, they just cheated and let 2 players play 3 games (singles, doubles, bakers). which was clearly stated on the tourney rules strictly prohibited and an automatic ‘default’ shall be applied to the cheating team. there was a commotion for a time, cos the tourney’s officials refused to face such complaints, and asked the other schools (teams) to proceed playing. however, team captains, who understood the rules by heart stood by it, and refused to accept what the officials have decided.

hmmm. how can one forego something like this when the tourney’s goal is to teach each player spirit of sportsmanship, honesty & camaraderie? in fact, for me, it’s already a no-brainer situation. infact it need not to be argued on the technical committee table. rule is rule. you dont break it nor change it whilst game is ongoing. di ba??!simple lang naman nun, pagtalunan pa. and sa mga taga dlsu, wag nyo naman gawin sanang ugali na ang ganitong sistema sa mga tournament na ganito. nakakahiya eh. sa harap ng mga kapwa mba schools (aim, ateneo, san beda, ust etc) di maganda tingnan. di pa nga tapos ang issue ng nangyari recently lang sa uaap di ba? haaay! kalungkot!

anyway, it turned out well in the end. buti naman! ;-)


drove to eastwood to have dinner with the usual suspects – b, e, t & b. and even if i was on shorts, flip flops, and pambahay tshirt, we were happily hopping store after store. keber! dedma kung nkapambahay :) i like it when i’m on my most comfy get up, with my friends having a good laugh! :-)

i am in the process of transferring this to my new home. i hope i can finish it before summer ends. haaaaay. i’m the queen of procrastination. guaranteed!

speaking of summer, hmmmm. 8 nights to go :-) off to see a new palce again in asia :-) woot!wooot! it’s my alterego’s first time to join us chalahs. i have warned her not to bring big wheeled baggage (just like she did during our malaysia-viet nam trip). it was a big time hassle talaga! i told her it’s a no-no this time. we will be hopping from one place to another (bangkok-hua hin-pattaya-ayutthaya-bangkok) in the next 5 days, and a lightweight backpack is the most recommendable to bring. she’s stubborn and insisted her luggage bag, but i know….i just know, she will listen. hahahha! in the next few days she will be very busy choosing for the right backpack to buy.

BUT i am missing ziggy’s concert here in manila! booooo!

then we are set to fly to catanduanes. woot!woot! gonna be my first time there. i expect another sweeet holiday there! yay!


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