my relationship to my ceo is a luv-hate relationship. one moment we’re all praises for each other, next moment we’re exchanging cusses.

yesterday he stood me up (how unprofessional eh?) in a meeting with some big time client and left me all alone to preside the presentation. i hate him so much that i sms him and said ‘frankly i dont need you in the meeting. but because you are white and i am brown, i need you there.’ (sad but true. my general observation is that even in the corporate world, brown-skinned are overshadowed by those fair-skinned species. this is without knowing whether these caucasians dressed in suits are proficient or just numpty heads – may not necessarily mean my ceo, ok?). i know he felt guilty about it, (he confirmed his attendance to the MD’s assistant the day before the meeting), he sent me a couple of rubbish excuses why he can’t come and expressed his apologies and his intent to make-up next time. d-oh! what does he got in mind? these people will wait for him and are dying to get us for a business engagement? not a chance man!

anyway, i went on with the meeting, and wore my false pleasant mood. stone me not. i can’t walk inside the client’s boardroom with all the negative energy i had back in the office. if there’s one consolation, i was 10 minutes early for the meeting. i had the time to gather my thoughts and push back my fury.

8 lady expats and 2 pinoys were seated already. and the MD, who’s a lady (to my shock!) was the last to come in. they were all dressed very chic that i thought for a moment i was in a lacroix or jacobs’ fashion collection and not in a business meeting. well this is understandable, cos the company is into distributing high-end fragrances and cosmetics across asia pacific. the lady seating right next to me asked, ‘are you by yourself?‘. ‘yeah, my ceo was suppose to come over but something came-up which he has to attend personally’ (arrrrg! i hate lying like this!) ‘no worries, we suppose you can enlighten us of your company’. ‘sure, ill do the best that i can‘. then gave her a warm smile. (cos i noticed how light & bubbly they all are).

i started introducing our company, our differentiators to our competitors, our selling point, our positioning, our experiences, our expertise, our strategic alliances, our business proposition and all other stuff i can narrate even when i’m asleep. it went smoothly as they waited for me to finish my piece. when i’m done selling our services, they all gave me an assuring nod as if saying, ‘ok, pretty convincing’ (or so i thought). then they started asking questions to me which i gladly responded to. actually, i did not expect them to be very technical with their questions, but they seem to know a lot in the technical & architectural side of the business – which is very impressive of them. i must say, i luv this group. they are interactive, inquisitive and witty rolled into one. they let me forget how gloomy my day was few hours ago. you know when a person rubs you off with positivity.

i closed the boardroom door behind me with now a genuine sunny smile. i know we have a big chance in entering their doors for business, and i know these people are happy people making them an easy team to work with.

what made me even flash that big smile? oh yessss!!! they let me take home 2 small bags of vera wang’s sample perfume vials and bvlgari’s latest fragrance vial :-)

i’m a happppy soul again! :p


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