of white and brown

in my previous post i mentioned my general observation in my workplace. but i know i opt to clear things up for the benefit of my blog hopping friends and lurkers ;-)

yes i said, fair-skinned faces overshadow initially (operative word: initially) brown-skinned faces like us pinoys in selling something – may it be services or a product. but, after a couple of exchanging lines on matters (that may or may not be related to the business), your client (an expat), starts to take you seriously and listens to you more intently. they’d realize that we are as smart (if not smarter) and as professional as our white counterparts. i face this challenge daily cos i work with a multinational firm. and i am no neophyte in this situation. i’ve learned to deal with it by incessantly equipping myself. i am a believer that ‘knowledge is power’. i was never reluctant in asking questions. as our chalah creed says ‘wag mag galing-galingan’. now everytime i’ll be meeting a client, a foreign national for that matter, i don’t let my brown skin intimidate me, but instead i leave them envious of me being me! :-)

i remember one time, in one of my chat with N in skype: (excerpt from my chatlogs)
N: how does it feel being a pinay and all that?
(he’s a brit chap)
me: huh? what do u mean?
N: being blessed with eternal optimism, such exotic beauty and such wit?
(me thinks – uh-oh! exoticness connotes something else among us pinoys)
me: if you meant to flatter us, thanks. but how i wish other foreigners look at us pinays in that same light too.
N: why? do they see you, i mean pinays in general as something else?
me: huh? are you living in a bubble world? anyway, i hope you spread the word about us. i luv celebrating being pinay! and if there’d be some bad things you’d see in me or to other pinays in the street or in your workplace or anywhere in the world, please remind yourself how many beautiful pinays(in and out) you’ve met in your life, ok?
N: woah! that sounds bloody patriotic. the old queen needs more of you back in my country.
me: ha-ha!

going back, but the above observation excludes pinoy clients ok? it’s a totally different story. i think it’s unforgiveable to have a pinoy client that looks down on you just because you are a pinoy! arrrrg! i’ve had a few of them. they threw off-topic (or sometimes sarcastic) questions to me, preferred to face my white ceo, gave me measuring look and worst deliberately ignored me in the meeting. these pinoys are those i hate big time! they are uncle sam’s if not queen elizabeth’s fanatics! they grew up believing we are second grade and whites are first. they are worse than those numpty-headed whites i should say. good thing i met only few of their kind, or i’ve gone nutty about their crooked mentality.

what am i saying here is that color is irrelevant. in the real world it may give you a step ahead, but at the end of the day, what’s in your head and what’s in your heart are what really matter – these are what really take you further!

go forth brown race! make your statement to the world! :-)



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