critiquing eh?

saw a movie alone last night in powerplant. oh well technically alone. i was really with atenean friends, but all 4 of them wanted to see in pursuit of happiness, whilst i wanted to see 300. i find the need to see this film even if it meant going alone, as i’m getting tired of people telling me to go see it.

movie starts at 1030, theirs is 10mins earlier. so i find myself a seat in a coffee shop for a terribly missed tea latte ( i stopped for a while drinking coffee & tea cos i learned how a significant chunk of my pay goes to buying tea/coffee alone. i thought if i’d give this up, i can save a little :-).

i got in just in time before it started. the moment i took my seat, i was immediately fastened to it.

i was utterly humbled of its cinematography . it was like troy, gladiator, braveheart and all other flicks of this league but viewed in a 360degree angle. there was nothing extraordinary on the storyline, but its execution was done with extra drama and action infused with sexiness. sure, they can’t be that strong against thousands. but before you raise your eyebrow for further arguement of it being unrealistic, let’s draw first the line that it’s a sparta’s myth – an enduring myth. and myths are supposed to be beautiful. not realistic. but beautiful. and true to its form, it was painted on the silverscreen with such beauty :-)

the audience in fact clapped right after the show. i was guilty of it too. :p ellllo?! kamusta?!powerplant ‘to! hindi isetann or ever gotesco! :-) i suddenly got disoriented. i thought for a while i was in a PAL fleet onboard to manila with all the pinoy balikbayans/ofw whilst it is touching down philippine soil when i heard the clapping in the theater :-)

if i lived some thousand years ago, i’d have fallen for a spartan and not an athenian as i’ve always thought when we were studying greeks way back in highschool. spartan warriors rock with those 6 pack abs! now my obligatory 200 crunches every morning was revived!wooohooo!

verdict: go see it. it’s an eye festive :-)

i will get my t3 t4 results next week. i hope my goiter is not actually active. i pray an extraction won’t be needed anytime soon. and if it is, i’m saying my prayers now, lord give me courage to face it, and give me strength to bear the pain.


curling in my bed whilst stashing a book is something i really enjoy. but i can hardly do now. this quarter i finished only two books. but both are good reads:

howard schulze and dori jones yang’s “pour your heart into it”. starbucks ceo schulze, in this coffee book, shared how the store became the world’s biggest coffee establishment. his chronicles of the starbucks phenomena is inpiring. he also tackled how they manage to keep a culture of a small business whilst they are infact exponentially growing. it is insightful especially to an entrepreneur-wannabe like me :-)

“march” by geraldine brooks. i was at first hesitant to get a book of 2006 Pulitzer awardee, as i don’t want a toxic book to read these days. but since mr.march was the absent father in the ‘little women’ story, i gave it a shot, hoping it as light and positive as lw. but it was disturbing, serious and profound. it has a heavy tone and trudges really serious stuff – slavery, mortality etc. but its riveting how his description of how strong a man was, and how civil war broke his spirit and idealism. and even after coming home, he was never the same again. he was changed of what he saw and what he experienced in the war. it’s a real page-turner. go get it! ;-)


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