a not so ordinary day in hua hin

before we went on-board i knew, i just knew how this trip is going to be different for me.

i was in the airport three hours before the published etd. (it never happened in my whole traveling years). haha!

my alterego is going with us. something i never thought would happen, not until she reached her 30s. however, we miss N in this trip! geeez! he was ready to fly until 3ish that afternoon when his car was robbed with all his stuff inside – passport included – whilst his car was parked outside sm lipa (he’s from batangas and supposedly meet us in manila) when he decided to have a quick stop for his disposable contact lenses! what a misfortune! losing your passport on the day of your departure! tried calling him but he wont pick-up. sms him instead and told him maybe it’s His way of saying don’t go.

it’s been more than a year since chalahs had an out-of-country adventure. (well i went 3x abroad after our sg & kl trip, but either i’m alone or i’m with another company). so you’d imagine how excited we were having our passport stamped by thailand’s immigration officer. woot!woot!

i wasn’t involve in the entire planning of our itinerary (we never get packages on trip), hence i had little knowledge what’s in store for me in thailand

we arrived suvarnabhumi hours before first sign of sunrise (thailand is btw gmt + 7). we have not even experienced complete marvel of the airport’s highly sophisticated built, when i found myself haggling for a limo to take us to hua hin :-) 3 grand baht for a more or less 2 ½ hrs limo ride to south at an unholy hour in the morning…hmmm not bad at all!

we had a reservation to a hotel, but when we arrived 5ish, they were still close and will open 8ish. how bizarre! hotel’s front desk closes at night? hmmm. actually, when we tried checking for other hotels / hostels/ guest houses, all open at 8. geeeez! we’re walking zombies looking for an accommodation! how in the world we’ll go to the beach if we are all dead tired and have hardly slept?! (we flew 130ish and since it was a turbulent flight, i guess worst i had, sleeping spells impossible!) thank goodness we saw a sign to a hostel that still has available rooms for walk-in tourists. i was just expecting an ordinary room, but it’s far from being ordinary. nice and clean rooms with ac, big beds, fluffy pillows, tellies with cable channels, clean sheets, big restroom and the icing on the cake with hot shower! yessss! to us it’s already a hilton’s suite room (a block away) but only a quarter of the rate ;-)

day started late for us, we overslept obviously as we’re all knackered of the long ride. went straight to our itineraries, and rented a van to take us the elephant village. i’ve always wondered how it feels like riding on an elephant. i used to find them cute and adorable (the term!). but upclose pala, acck! they are sporadically hairy all over and their skin is very wrinkled. so there, i wanted to ride with M, but we decided to split and accompany our 2 less daring friends instead, J & S, so they wont scream out of fear whilst seating on the elephant. first few minutes was great, wanggui (our elephants name) showed us some of his tricks whilst we are trailing to the hilltop. but it’s slowness triggered my adhd attack (haha!). i got bored after awhile. i just amused myself in taking photos of the two other pairs.

sun’s heat was scorching, and far more humid than manila, but these humongous animals entertained us with their hoola hoola dance and made us forget for a while how exhausting an afternoon sun can get. ;p they’re sooo cute dancing! we even tried playing with them and sat on their nose for a hurl. woaaaah! initially i got scared, but seeing how gentle they were, i volunteered for the toss ;p

wanggui bidded us goodbye with a kiss. i’ve learnt that elephants kiss with their nose. sweeeeet!

we then drove up the khao takiab (chopstick mount) sticking out the sea, where some 20m lord buddha is standing. after we ascend to wat khao lad (temple), (i reckon to have a hundred and more steps to top), it’s rewarding to see the entire hua hin stretch whilst cool breeze hits your burnt skin. S almost forgot how a wandering mischievous monkey (they are a lot there btw) grabbed her tumbler and sipped water from it after another monkey snatched J’s packed chicken strips and onion rings.

we decided to walk along the beach on our way back to our hotel. it’s close to 25km walk but i hardly noticed it cos i took pleasure walking alone. (all 5 of them walk too slow thus I left them behind). close to hilton’s i found a clandestine resort dotted with cosy lounge seats. Perfect to stash with gaiman’s anansi boy whilst sun bathing :-)

it was only after half an hour when they found me. they went for a dip in the waters but had to rise when they saw BIG dead jellyfish afloat. eeeew! another passing-by tourist said these jellyfishes started coming out only last week – for whatever reason he too doesn’t know.

after such a loooong day for us, we chose an authentic thai serving resto to treat ourselves for a sumptuous dinner. luckily food was great! really great! especially their shrimp on red curry! two thumbs up for its chilly kick! ;-)

tomorrow, ayutthaya elllo! had to leave at 5am to catch 515 bus ride to bangkok to beat the world renowned worst traffic record.

how can we end such a long day?

….how else but to have a 2 hour first rate authentic thai massage in a nearby spa salon ;-)

woot!woot! aaaah!life!


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