limit this to 15minutes only

i hardly watch tellies, but when i see something interesting i’d watch it until my heart’s content. and since i’m not a religious viewer of a series, i just buy a dvd release of the entire season if i can’t have it downloaded from the net :p my staples are: greys anatomy (mcdreamy elllo!), smallville, desperate housewives, prison break, lost, gilmore girls and friends. i was such a late bloomer that even on tellies i just started my dvd marathon on sex in the city (booo!).

there’s this one talk show, which i got to watch only in manila not more than thrice, which i had chanced upon whilst we were in bangkok. it’s ellen degeneres show, airing an old episode i guess. i immediately released my hold to the remote control and concentrated to her monologue. and i find her rather funny and witty. anyway she was interviewing ashton and his last answer resonates to me when he was asked what makes him the best husband…he said it’s simple. he has the best wife in the world.

awwww! ang haba ng hair ni demi kainis!ang sarap maging 40something and still look very pretty lalo na sa 20 something hubby mo! sabi ni B, isa sa kasama ko sa hotel room, “maganda talaga siya, e ikaw?”. ok!


i missed the adidas king of the road run last time so i’m checkin now for other marathon schedules. i did two runs before: a run for a cause for our church and a 10km milo marathon. but those were ages ago. something tells me i need to run again to put off time to time crankiness and peskiness attacks. (lately i’ve been having these). hmmm. anyone? wanna dash with me? we’ll just do it for fun :p

30th april global city run

6th may women’s all-terrain race

27th may new balance power race

10 june national run for peace

17 june adidas king of the road 10 cities

22 july milo marathon

i realized there are so many marathons every year. got to join those more often :p

april 4-9? loooong holiday! hmmm. hope i can drive my family to punta fuego. been wanting to go there for years. rich friends of mine who have pf membership (you know who you are!), how bout include me to your guest list? wooot!woot! but if invitation to pf wont be available,a drive to fort ilocandia would be equally good then to pagupud:p yay! family on a road trip!?! gabriel my baby, this would be your ultimate braking-in adventure!

i just learned a quick way to upload photos to my flickr. geeez! uploading tools are all I need! numpty head me! in 2 hours, i was able to upload to my web, more than 800 photos. Yay! 5000++ to go!

i’ve knocked the door of world’s local bank (any hint?) at the fort this afternoon for a business proposal. i hope they’d hear my knocks soooon. i badly need that account :p i need some grand to upgrade my baby marciano (read: laptop) and to buy a new toy I saw in a gizmo shop at g4. blech! i better refrain myself from going to electronics stores. neither in aura athletic store – especially if
ah-vai-yah-nas has a size 39/40 of their bronze metallic or printed green and gold slim season or an orange cartunista :p aaaack! hay naku walang pakundangan at kapararakang paggastos sabi nga ni mum ko!

actually i’m supposed to be finalizing now my strama paper. i know some of my batchmates have defense schedule already and are asking around on their panel interviewers. whilst me on the other hand, chose to submit on the second deadline. yess i prolonged the agony in short. i just know my paper is still raw and dense for an mba-er standard. i don’t want to disrespect my panel with my flimsy and clumsy paper, worse flank the paper. anyway, should be in hiatus right now in web world, but i have an acute procrastination habit. waaaah! maybe i need to feel some discomfort to get the pressure to my head.

our thai adventure 2nd chronicle soon. for photos, here’s for a start

I exceeded 3 minutes! awww!


2 Responses to “limit this to 15minutes only”

  1. 1 sardonic nell 31 March, 2007 at 1:54 am

    hello bangge! thanks for the invite and for sharing your new crib. how was your trip to thailand? im sure it was a lot of fun.

    ellen degeneres, i watch her show when i can. but they usually air it in the mornings (reruns), grrrrr. the other day i didn’t work till noon and was able to watch some new shows. i didn’t even know that rachel ray (food network) has a talk show and even tyra banks (my friends said, tagal na raw eto) has her own. a couple months of not watching TV can mean a lot of difference or even catching up.

    have a safe trip this fort ilocandia or punta fuego!

  2. 2 banggigay 2 April, 2007 at 9:24 pm

    oh yes. i saw rachel once and oprah was her guest. i like her too.

    thanks for the holler! ;-)

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