back from hiatus

had a great holiday roadtripping all the way to the northern philippines, how else can you spend an april 4-9 holiday but to travel and see places. this time though, banggigay is not with the usual suspects but with her family :-)

1st stop: vigan

vigan 014

learned a lot in this famed heritage city.

  1. an afternoon walk to its old streets dotted with old houses that seemingly give you a glimpse of the spanish era is not recommended. especially when you are with your folks whose legs are fresh no more for long walks. might as well take the calesas for the city tour. but make sure to haggle with the kutsero and close it to a fix price before you hop to their calesa, or you’d be ripped off after they took you around.
  2. get a city map so you wont be wasting time checking one place to another. pagburnayan jar factory, calle crisologo, plaza burgos, plaza salcedo, hidden garden, villa angela, syquia mansion are the top destinations on calesa. if you have a car, you may choose to put baluarte (a senatoriable’s retiring haven) in the last spot to your itinerary.
  3. empanadas are must-try. i am no fan of it, but in there, i had 5 in one seating :p
  4. have a chitchat with your kutsero, cos they know the stories of each spot. it’s good to have manong luis as our kutsero. he enthusiastically tells us that this spot was a once site of panday shoot, of maruja and other movies he could think of, that potteries here are the best, souvenirs there are best buys, empanadas there are the city’s most popular etc etc
  5. never forget to bring a tripod. a lot of spots there are with character. you don’t want to miss it by not taking a shot.
  6. despite it being a city, i noticed how laid back people still there are.
  7. churches are major partakers in its history. it’s so easy to see how religion formed this city.
  8. i cannot say fastfood chains and other city establishments have ruined its charm. i’m not totally happy about it being there, but tourists especially other nationals are known to dine where they are familiar with the food taste. if it weren’t there, chances are these foreigners will not flock there as much as they do in other key cities in asia.
  9. baluarte is worth visiting. it’s a vast privately owned zoo. i must give two thumbs up for its maintenance and its lure to people especially with its free entrance and free small pony ride :p of course i took the ride.
  10. if you are goin’ there by car, an suv is recommended. not because of the rough road (i must commend by the way the highway for being well maintained) but because at some point, highways are winding (sharp curves) and very steep.
  11. vigan was not formed in a day, so take time in immersing yourself to the richness of its culture. don’t be disappointed if you don’t fall inlove to it on a first glance, let her grow in you, then you’d find yourself loving the historical city deeply.

i must admit too, this city helped me embrace my heritage all the more :p tara na, byahe tyo !


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