2nd stop: pagudpud

left the house at 4am, we’re at pagudpud 930ish. not in the morning but in the evening, ok?! sure we had stopped in vigan and was hampered by numerous processions of church images, people on street penitence and street vendors taking advantage of the semana santa crowd but still, it is absolutely a looong ride. had gabriel full-tank twice. (gas-guzzler eh?).

and to my dismay, our reservations (made 3 in different resorts – saud, villa del mar & terra rica) were taken, cos we should have secured the slot before noon. geeez! if i’m with chalahs, it’s not as bad as it is, but having your folks around, believe me, it drove me crazy! arrrg! i cant make them sleep elsewhere, especially after a very tiring drive. resort after resort we’ve stopped, taking our chances, and hoping there’s an available room even for 4 (we’re 8, but we’d manage it as long as we’d have a room to sleep). i never thought a place as far and as outskirt as pagudpud can be filled with tourists. ok, it’s a long holiday. but then again pagudpud is the less popular tourist spot. but just by looking how filled open spaces are with parked cars, enough for me to convince myself – this must be the next hot spot in the north!

thank heavens, we got a place in punta galvante. and since it’s peak season, rooms are a bit expensive. but i can’t complain, may matulugan lang kami.

we’re all knackered, thus we woke up 8ish already inspite setting the alarm at 6. sunrise was not much of a sight, but the windmills on the other side of saud was a sight to behold! i cannot describe enough how my dad was amazed seeing those 15 windmills standing proudly infront of us!

we readied ourselves for a pagudpud adventure.

maira-ira point.

blue lagoon beach

(cam batteries were draining already when taken, thus the effect :p)

known to be the boracay of the north. hmmm. white sand? check. turquoise water? check. bars & party peeps? cross. aggressive beach vendors? cross. litter? cross.

i must say it’s bora of the north when bora is still not bora :-)

we stayed at blue lagoon, and chilled out there for hours. we’re all sun worshippers, and sand basking is definitely our game.

patapat viaduct.

patapat viaduct

it’s that typical long and winding (beatles ello?!) road you see, a massive concrete structure. but its differentiator is its very position. as you drive further to north east, on your right l- ush mountains, on your left – crashing waves of south china sea. you can’t be closer to nature than this, can you?

bangui windmills.

bangui wind mills

we rushed to bangui to be in time for the sunset. we wanted to see the windmills whilst sun is fading on the horizon. i can only describe the sight in one word. s-p-l-e-n-d-i-d!

post scripts:

*more photos here.

*i’d definitely go back here, i missed really a lot – lighthouse (in burgos), bantay abot, kaibigan falls, paraiso ni anton, agua grande. it’s a packed town. you can’t see all of it in 2 1/2 days and 2 nights.

*chalahs, how ’bout next month? :-)

*would i say the long drive’s worth it? oh yesss!


2 Responses to “2nd stop: pagudpud”

  1. 1 Ferdz 14 April, 2007 at 11:34 am

    A trip up north is always fun and exciting. I love the Bangui Windmills shot. Truly splendid nga!

  2. 2 banggigay 14 April, 2007 at 11:22 pm

    wow! thanks! appreciate the sweet candy :-) especially from ironwulf!

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