3rd, 4th & 5th stops at ilocandia

i really planned this holiday as immersion to my heritage after my plan A (going to punta fuego) didn’t push thru. it turned out in the end one of the most enriching trip i’ve had.

with my reliable map, we headed to paoay town after we had our last early lunch at pagudpud. and who could miss the baroque church, that is now included in unesco heritage list, in this little laid back town of paoay?

paoay 037

hundred meters from it, i was already a giddy kid staring at its bell tower. sun was scorching, but all of my 5 siblings were just as excited as i was to go off the car and go near it.

standing at its foyer would make you feel like entering a time warp – spanish era. we we’re all marveled just by merely staring at its grand architecture. i was a little puzzled though, why its belltower is detached from the church. later I’ve learned (thanks to internet), that this was purposely done to use it as fortress in times of enemies’ attack,

like when katipuneros used it as watch tower.

it has numerous buttresses (i failed to get the count) which are all decorated. and one thing very noticeable about it, apart from it being made of coral stone, is that it’s very baroquish (i invented this word, ok? :p) and yet it’s very native, very pinoy :-)


the mansion at batac

my mum’s bloodline is ilocano-pangasinanse. and she can speak fluently both dialects. but she was never fond of claiming apo lakay, or ferdinand marcos, as her one true leader unlike most ilocanos do. this did not stop me though from towing my family to marcos museum in batac.

ok, let me whisper you something, i am a secret fan of him. i don’t like his shoe goddess wife, but apo to me is what should have been a great leader up to a certain extent. sure, he turned abusive of his power in the latter days of his presidency, but i find it unfair to remember him only during his inglorious times. he was a visionary leader and was indeed a working president for a time. old folks, would admit this, should one try to ask them in any day. but anyway, whatever he did or he didn’t i’d leave it to the historians and let the history books tell his story.

inside, i saw a lot of his speeches posted on walls. and even his original handwritten manuscripts of some of his nation’s addresses. i really took time reading all of it, as they said, all of which were apo lakay’s exact words – he was known to be an eloquent orator.

medals of valor, military recognitions, newspaper cut-out of his topping the bar and other accolades were all framed on the east wall.

but the highlight of our mansion visit was in his mausoleum. stringent security was posted at the doorstep, and reminded us of the no camera policy. as soon as he opened the door for all the people on queue for its 1pm opening, (i was standing 1st on queue), a cold wind brushed my face. it was a semi-freezer mausoleum (or just i imagined cos of the 33C heat outside:p) it was really dark, inside, and it felt a little spooky much so when i saw his remains that was encased in a refrigerated crypt (viewing glass). i really wanted to take photo of it so I can examine it at home, but i thought better by just encrypting his face in my memory. his body has not deteriorated at all (if it’strue that is still him and not just a wax). it must have been a fortune preserving his body.

it was a less than 5-minute viewing. but it was enough for me to say, geeez! i just saw up-close former president macoy!

santa maria, ilocos sur

asuncion 045

this may not be as marvelous as that of paoay, but its character appeals to you like an old century structure. it’s façade reveals so much of its history, that would make you appreciate in flesh spanish influence to us. i thought of going inside the church after i took some photos inside but the on-going sunday service made me stay outside and admire it from afar :-)

next stop: baguio.


3 Responses to “3rd, 4th & 5th stops at ilocandia”

  1. 1 Ferdz 18 April, 2007 at 1:46 pm

    Hanep! Amazed din talaga ako dyan sa San Agustin Church sa Paoay. Galing ng architecture and design. YUng cieling nga lng ang medyo kulang sa akin.

    Kailangan bumalik ako sa Ilocos sur, na miss ko puntahan yang Sta. Maria Church. Mukha rin syang maganda

  2. 2 Bubu 19 April, 2007 at 2:28 am

    Nice pics. Sana makapunta rin ako diyan. Too bad I’ve never been anywhere north of Baguio :(

    On Marcos, I have to say I agree with you. Regarding the latter part of his term when he was plundering from our nation’s coffers, I’ll only quote someone who said, “Don’t you think that Marcos was a novice [compared to those nowadays]?” In the survival of the fittest, the low life form “politician” has evolved to learn how to cover his ass. (Am I allowed to say “ass” here? Go ahead and delete this if I’m not! :p)

  3. 3 banggigay 19 April, 2007 at 11:31 am

    ferdz, aye! ganda din ng sta.maria. ako din babalik sa ilocos, i missed a lot pa din. but next time i’d take the bus instead, ang hirap magdrive! :-)

    bubu, don’t be a stranger in pinas! sarap ikutin ng pinas, especially far flung ones :) parang ikaw ang nakdiscover ng town, kahit hindi nmn talaga! hahahah!

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