work of art :p

my family and i visited tam-awan village (see related post) when i saw 3 long queues for something. then i found out that there were 3 artists that do charcoal sketch portraits for dirt cheap Php50 – actually sign is posted “donation only: minimum of php50”. so i said, why not?! its gonna be my first time, and artists say it would take only 10-15 minutes. told my other siblings to continue with their tour of the village whilst i stand on queue for my portrait :p couple of minutes after i overheard (yeah an eavesdropper!) that asian treasure casts (angel locsin & robin padilla’s latest series in kapuso hehehe) were here also, so i immediately checked who did angel’s portrait (yeah showbiz in me :p). next thing i knew, i hopped to the 1st queue, which made me 5th to be in turn, instead of 3rd.

when it’s already my turn, the artist said, ading kamukha mo yung ading ni asunta da rossi. (you resemble assunta da rossi’s younger sister). with grin in my eyes i answered, si alessandra?manong ganun po ba? actually hindi po ito ang unang beses sinabi sa akin yan. (alessandra?really? actually this is not the first time somebody told me that.). hahaha! ok! here it is, i am no fan of alessandra. but for what reason, peeps see our resemblance (which i hardly do). V & S even sms me one time, when they saw alex in apple powerplant, and said “kita namin alessandra, grabe! kamukha mo sya, kakilos pa!”. so i was like, to the chap, ok! we’re look-alike. (not a bad idea anyway). hahaha!

whilst he is sketching, he said since i am from makati (well, technically), he invited me to see their exhibit on june at yuchengco museum at rcbc plaza. hearing that, in my thought bubble…hmmm these artists must be great. and one of them is sketching me. :-)

baguio 042


(i don’t know why my eyes are closed here)

it only took 10 minutes for the artist to finish the sketch. pretty quick eh? he signed on the sketch and asked for my name (so he can put it too). when he showed it to me…i was like d-uh?!!!

moi: manong kamukha ko po ba ito (sir do I look like this (referring to the sketch)

artist: oo ading. (yes)

moi: kamukha po ba ito ni alessandra? (does it look like alessandra?)

artist: oo. kamukhang-kamukha! (yes, looks pretty the same!)

i saw his sincerity in his eyes when he answered, so who am i to get mad of what I saw. Infact, I really wanna get pesky, and tell him, geeez! this is crap! but because i saw the humour of what just happened, i gave my donation and left the place with a guffaw…was laughing big time when i hopped inside the car and showed it to my dad. he said, this doesn’t resemble you at all, and this woman looked 40 years older than you! my other sibling who had herself sketched too had worse portrait. she was soooo pikon and left the minimum fee donation of P50. hahahah!

not only the sketch was crap, he even misspelled my name. hahaha!

now i’ve learned first, not to just hop queue. (we realized that the artist whom i was first on queue is the better artist upon seeing his sketch of the little girl). second, you’ve got to pay the price of a good piece of art (not dirt cheap or donation as they call it). lastly, humour comes in different packages. you just have to see the funny side of everything so nothing can ruin your day.

and because this made my day in baguio really fun, i’ve uploaded it here. hoping you’d find humour in this too :-)

post scripts:

*i’d still have myself sketched by a tam-awan artist when i get back there, but i’d choose the better artist next time
** my respect still goes to all the artists out there especially to volunteer artists like tam-awan’s
*** apologies to the artist who did my portrait, no offense was intended. i just think that art is subjective what may look nice to me, may not exactly look nice to others
**** i’d still go to the tam-awan artists exhibit here in makati some time june



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