weekend of everything

chalahs can’t miss the world light expo, and it only took us a couple of sms to finalize to go there for a friday night date. had dinner first at moa (mall of asia, hehe!) then drove to further south of roxas boulevard, coastal road.

lightexpo 047it’s like christmas down there. in there, lights dance with glee. and just before a night of merriment ends, a water laser show and fireworks display are the fair’s way to finish the day with an exclamation.


saturday was like a grand eyeball to all yuppies who take refuge in books – it’s the international book day! :-) instituto cervantes hosted it once again. film showing, declamation, food fair and book bargains. i again of course ransack it. (speaking of saving-up eh?). after i paid for the books i hoarded, i was surprised for the long-stem rose handed to me by a mestizo looking guy next to the counter. i was like d-uh?! was hesitant first to extend my hand and accept it, cos i thought that there’s a hidden camera and some gag show host is in disguise like punkd & wow mali! :p then he insisted with a smile, and said, por favor señorita. then i said no entiendo señor, qué es esto? (then i felt cold sweat rolled on my sideburns) cos i don’t really speak español, i know a couple of phrases when our french professor showed us how it’s so much easier to learn español and german. but were not enough to continue a conversation. then i followed, lo siento pero hablas ingles? he answered, está bien, i speak english. phew! it’s like i’ve heard the magic words. gosh! i thought maaubusan talaga ko sa lalakeng yun!nag-iingles pala! kainis! :p) then he explained to me, it’s the fair’s some sort of gimmick that if you buy a book, they’d exchange it for a rose. so there, thus the rose for me. phew! if only i was with a company, (arrrg! other chalahs are too lazy to drive to manila whilst v & s, preferred to play badminton). attending fair alone, is not my idea of fun, but the book fair made me go :p and if not for B’s sms, who went there earlier and said but good words about the fair. with my bag with 5 new books, a rose and an after taste of some spanish foods in exhibit – i wouldn’t mind going back there alone next year. happiness :-D


before the clock hand inch its way to 6pm, i have asked few friends if they’d want to go with me to the french spring fashion show. i was sent by alliance an inclusive invite thru email with a note that i can invite some mates too. five senses invite

i’ve called for an rsvp for 4, without really having in mind who to go with. but since, i invited quite late, all of them have made other plans for the night already. whilst the one who is really eager to go with me, had a migraine attack. actually i was having second thoughts of going because of a number of reasons. first, it’s a fashion show. d-uh?! it’s definitely not my type of thing! second, french chic is the prescribed attire. i don’t know what that is, and i don’t know if i have it. third, i don’t wanna drive to sofitel hotel alone, much so to see the show and attend the wine and cheese party after. but, Y and L called out of the blue, and asked if i’m going. they were my classmates in module 4 extensif: vie privée, vie publique. so i said ok, for a change.

there were 10 fashion designers who featured their works on the ramp, but i knew only 3 to 4. rajo laurel, peralta, vittorio and tesoro. all else are just names to me. and even if i tried memorizing their names so i’d sound chic when i share my story to others, my efforts are futile. hahaha! it really goes without saying i’m jologs and all! especially when Y & L, look sooo fascinated with all the works that were modeled. i was like, huh?! what’s going on? am i missing something? sure, the show was chic and elegant, but for jologs like me, appreciation to something like it is all i could muster. but to be drooling like other fashionistas who were there, hmmm..? it’s a different story. but the evening has ended with wine and cheese party – something which i really enjoyed.


it was sofia’s (R & S cutie-chubby baby girl) dedication and 1st birthday. and a grand celebration at the auditorium of tektite tower ortigas for the unica ija was prepared. good food especially the crepes..yummy. and the activities…cool! even had a glittered tattoo on my left arm. sofia 028


S & i queued with the kids, for the artwork, and we went back to our table wearing a big sunny smile :-D S with a butterfly tattoo, whilst i with a little summer sun. would be so much more enjoyable if we’re complete – i mean the tropa. party was too big (i reckon about 250 pax) but we’re just three from our circle of 10+ friends. anyway, inevitably it will really come to this point that most of my friends wouldn’t be able to make it cos they too are having their own (read: own) family gatherings and i’d be left with a couple of friends who are yet to be married or have no plans of marrying at all :p


the burrpday party ended a bit later after 3, so i invited V & S to celebrate earth day with me. :p chalahs plan to celebrate with the world yesterday by watching al gore’s an inconvenient truth. it was shown to all sm cinemas yesterday, with 1, 3, & 5pm screenings for free admission. (how bout props to the tycoon mr.sy?!! cheers!). actually it was a rerun and was shown sometime last year already commercially. and even with my best efforts to make them watch the movie, i went to the theater all by myself. hahaha! it’s ok though, as i’ve earlier revealed, i do see movies alone :p and i’m no stranger to such alienating moments :-)
what can i say about the film? it’s scary as hell! al gore deserves the accolades for this documentary film. just the thought of how we purposely or maybe fortuitously destroy our atmosphere particularly our ozone layer and the balance in our ecological system, you’d really break to tears.

so guys, for all of you who missed seeing it, it’s available on dvd already. or if you don’t have a penny to spare, let me know, a friend of mine has a divx copy already. it could be your one turning point to spread the positive vibe. save the world :-)

global warming

i hope to have packed yet meaningful weekends like this, always :p how bout you? let me know how did it fare?


9 Responses to “weekend of everything”

  1. 1 Addettski 24 April, 2007 at 2:24 am

    Wow, how are you able to manage everything in your life and still be able to go to these wonderful events? Wonder girl!
    Kung nandyan lang ako, I can be your best buddy…you may take me anywhere. As long as I’m not yet married…LOL. (gotta find a fine man first, sistah)

  2. 2 banggigay 24 April, 2007 at 7:35 pm

    my secrets:

    i now live in makati, where everything is accessible – work, grad school, french school, hang out area, church.

    since i have an acute case of insomnia (bad i know), i make use of my twilight time equipping myself with stuff and of course reconnecting to other peeps.

    i guess most important of all, i really am interested with lots of stuff :p

    yeah, mary(?) :p i really need a perennial companion in discovering and celebrating life :p

    on marriage, i’ve learned that celebrating life need not to stop when you get married, the only difference is that you’d have a fresh soul to share the journey with, which i think IS the best part!

  3. 3 abbyG. 26 April, 2007 at 8:58 pm

    lakwatsera! hehehee!! :)

  4. 4 banggigay 27 April, 2007 at 4:49 pm

    abbyG, look who’s talking?! hahaha!

  5. 5 abbyG. 27 April, 2007 at 8:57 pm

    kaya bisita na dito!

  6. 6 banggigay 28 April, 2007 at 10:53 am

    naku if visa wasn’t a prob in getting. don’t wanna go through its nitty gritty. pro hayaan mo, malapit na :-) i’d PM u in advance para makita ko wot’s there to see sa east coast. pagpasyal nyo naman dito, i’ve got enough places to boast – wow pinas! indeed :-)


  7. 7 Jay 3 May, 2007 at 1:55 pm

    i’d lov to have that copy…. hope you can send it to via jay.baligod@alezzelom.com pretty puhlease….

  8. 8 banggigay 26 May, 2007 at 12:25 am

    hay, pls confirm if you received it na. i sent it yesterday e. cheers! :-)

  9. 9 Idetrorce 16 December, 2007 at 7:00 am

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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