makati blues

even if the general ambiance in the office is toxicness, due to bid deadline on monday, i found every reason to smile, whenever i’d think of what came to me last thursday :-)

something really important is brewing, that i have to call for a postponement of this weekend’s chalah adventure at the hundred islands in pangasinan and chill-out at bolinao beaches. (something i never did – to cancel a trip) apologies though are extended already. and it’s a relief to know they understood me fairly well. (chalahs, i got your back next time, promise!:p)

hmmm…with that, i just realized summer season is on its halfway to be over. last year, chalahs had a weekly out-of-town trip but because J went to europe for 3 weeks, and i was finishing my strama paper (thesis), thailand is so far the only adventure we had this year. we resolved though to cope with time, since i just submitted my paper last week (phew! my strama writing was a long and bumpy journey to me. i’d write about it after i finish my defense, so i won’t preempt my success).

in-between i’ve been preparing myself for a run on may (10k) and june (half marathon – dream on!:p). been dashing regularly and trying to eat right (except for time to time french fries munching, ok?). friend N, advised me if i intend to run for the 21km on june, i should be building my stamina/endurance now and should be running at least 40km/week. i’m still short of that till now, but i’m happy with the progress i’ve been achieving. 25km/wk is not bad :p

when i’m done with all my deliverables at work, i’d treat myself to sports shop and find time in looking for the right running shoes for the marathon:-) i will try (operative word: try) to push 35km too next week. wish me luck :p i know though i can only do it if i’d jog not just mornings but every after office too. good thing, i just discovered a park right at the middle of salcedo village – velazquez park (popularly known as salcedo park). it’s stone’s throw away from my workplace and is couple of block away from my apartment :-) perfect! makati is a nation on its own! :-)

but…makati becomes a ghost town on weekends. suddenly its streets are relatively empty and there are little signs (if not none at all) of activity inside the towering offices. gone is the neck-breaking speed corporate life of weekdays. and though i luv the serenity i feel whilst walking my way to my office this morning, i cannot hope to have a quiet and unfamiliar makati like this on weekdays. i feel like a stranger in this city which i am a resident for 3 yrs. already. tomorrow i bet, would be more bizarre. sundays i’d reckon are more laid back and much slower. but makati is not makati without the weekday chaos :p

man, it’s late! gotta dash :p


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