senseless to sensible

whilst my colleagues spent their friday night shopping, i decided to date myself instead :-)

i first headed to fully booked to stash some books, but ended-up buying nothing when i remembered i just bought some and i’ve not even finished half of it. was not really hungry but i wanted something to satisfy my craving for a cheap (well technically cheaper than mati) greek dish. i took the table at the innermost so i can stay at café mediterranean a little longer without the waiters noticing it. but after i finished my very light dinner, my feet suddenly itched to go to an electronic shop and treat myself with some stuff.

woot!woot! had a luv at 1st sight moment with this :p

sofia's family

sofia's family

sofia’s USB cable has been broken for a year already. and though i can still use it, i just don’t like looking at its exposed circuit face. it’s an eye sore even for a non-OC. and it comes with a USB adaptor for cars and for power outlets. i like! :p

even with this new earphones i bought (my 3rd for sofia already), i soo like it cos it has a cool case. at least now, wont be replacing it as often as before cos it has a protective case, thus it is least likely to have a badly working earphones due to loose connection inside.

sofia's earphones


received my latest copy of time. as i was reading it, i felt an immense terror inside. it occurred to me how even school campuses can be unsafe from wackos.

Va Tech victims


i don’t know if id be happy hearing in the news that julia’s killer has been pinned down. for one, he is a pinoy. second, i just can’t see the logic with his story why he killed the admirable lady. come on, he could hit her in an impulse, but to brutally kill her was something else. surely, tourists will never feel the same safeness again in that awesome paradise of batad.

i wish things like this never happen in my country, moreso to a tourist spot…i wish it wasn’t a locale…a pinoy. and to think he was not even a wacko. what a shame to the world :-(

hello pinoy?! wake up!



tomorrow bangigay is heading for a much needed break down south to laiya san juan batangas – only minus the other chalahs :p



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