an affair with another batangas town

spontaneous getaways are always the coolest and most often than not cheapest :p been hearing/reading raves about the laid back 2nd class town of batangas, san juan. and it came to me to invite my team mates for an overnight getaway. it was actually the corregidor island we first eyed, but the limited booking for ferry to take us to the fortress island will only have a slot a week after. pffft! and since laiya wasn’t still in my “been there, done that” list, friday afternoon was spent calling all the resorts i know in san juan. all of them responded with a regret as they were all fully booked. but good thing, mang caloy (our company driver), knows a lot in the town and offered to drive us for the weekend. he said he’ll help us out finding a place to stay.

it was a 4 hour drive (including heavy traffic). the number of peeps at petron southwoods (a famous stop over) will let you grasp how pinoys luv going out of town if not beach specifically especially during summer season. it was as if everybody is on the go, as the calendar strikes 1st of march. summer is fun to pinoys. (which made me remember one of my conversations to a white chap which goes:
b: ei mate, it’s soo sunny here. don’t u want 2 come down & spend some summer days down here?
n: huh? i wonder how you guys say ‘it’s already summer’ when actually sun is up all year round in your country.
b: haha! oh! can’t you figure the temp difference? if it’s not summer, it’s 32C, if it is summer it’s 37C. hahaha! 5C higher is significant. and btw, it’s da best time in pinas next to christmas. all weekends are spent either at the beach or elsewhere.

(obviously my hidden agenda was really to promote pinas tourism)

anyway, going back, we arrived san juan 12ish. road to our destination was dotted with numerous resorts. i know only 4 through the web, but a lot has seem come into bud recently. it didn’t take us long before we find our bamboo casitas at la luz. it doesn’t have an AC but who will be staying at the casitas with the beach as inviting as that of la luz?? :p

sand is not powdery white but would fair well with galera’s white sand. water is very clean, algae (active during summer) are non-existent. very long beachline and with lots of parasols and white umbrellas.

laiya 039

laiya 040

i particularly like the laid back atmosphere of the town. it gave me the chillin’ experience i have sought in other places i’ve been. locals are warm and nice. i have not seen an annoying vendor/ masseuse. (shoot me not, but sometimes some vendors can be very annoying especially if they’re very pushy with their goods/services. come on! i’m there to chillax. i’d surely call them if i found something fancy about their goods. but this isn’t true to all places. most vendors understand when you say “pasensya na po”). and the food? jackpot! seafoods are freshly harvested, and fresh foods can never go wrong, whatever way you cook it. yummy! price? cheap! really cheap.

i’d definitely go back there. and will include isla verde and a trek to mt. daguldol or even to mt. maculot to my itinerary.

so come on! undust your backpacks and head to south :p you’d surely luv it:p


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