i voted for E-3kapatirans-L-V-P-A-A-C-M-L

i made a cheat list cos i want to finish voting pretty quick. then i went to my designated precinct 2ish.

election 2007 003

election 2007 004

even with a cheat list whilst voting, it took me 30minutes to vote. it was difficult to fill out the 2 remaining slots for the 12 senatorial seats.

one candidate is my brother in faith. and everyone would agree that he excels in whatever he puts his talents to. but i wasn’t convinced if he is equipped for the job. the other candidate, faired well in his past term and in all pre-election debates, he seemed to be one of the few senatorial candidates who really knows what he is saying and has a concrete platform. but my skepticism on his integrity is something i just can’t brush off. thus it took me a while to complete my ballot. but i ended up adding their names too. i know i need to trust them that they wont fail not just me but the entire population that will trust them too.

mum is serving again the elections today, not as chairman this time though. i think as an election supervisor. when i visited her 8ish, she said they are not even halfway yet and she said she’ll just call my mobile phone if it’s time for her to be picked-up. had stayed a little while and witnessed how antediluvian still our election process is – from voting to canvassing. no wonder public school teachers really get exhausted after almost 20 hours of election service.


election 2007 010

before i left, my mum was caught in the middle of a commotion. a poll watcher was aggressively arguing a vote not to be counted because a voter apparently wrote “echiverri” and not his full name. this PW was saying (obviously a PW of another candidate) that there are 2 echiverris running. the precinct chairman showed all the PW the ballot being read and said “valid itong vote na ‘to dahil iisa lang ang echiverri sa mayoralty. kung hindi sya nakasulat sa mayor o congressman dun ka lang yun hindi ivavalidate”. my mum then advised, “tama yun elsie. cge ituloy nyo na ang count nyo, kunin nyo name ng PW na ‘to. ginugulo lang nya ang canvassing”

i was like d-oh! the case was very simple, there are two E running (mayoralty & congressional). whether a voter puts the complete name or just the surname, if it is written correctly on the two posts where these 2 E are running, of course it is counted.

i don’t know how long we pinoys would “play” ignorant of what is right or wrong. i understand PWs are being paid by a running candidate, but come on! we must understand too that our responsibility is not limited to protect the vote for that candidate, but to ensure also that votes shall be canvassed correctly whether it is for that candidate or not. let’s not complicate things because of our affiliations.

generally though i’m positive of what would be the election’s turn out. let’s just keep a vigilant eye until post election is over.


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