post election randomness

administration says that media quick counts are doing some sort of trending to poll results. and they claim that media is misleading the people by this trending. with 8-2-2 (GO-Ind-TU as of this blogging), i think there is indeed a trend: people would vouch their vote to anyone who’s anti-gma. just look how the oakwood-mutiny-leader-senator-wannabe is faring in the exit polls. hello?! i think the president better reflect on these things, people is evidently displease.

my sympathy goes to the two teachers found dead in the gutted school toilet, after 5 armed men burnt the school whilst the teachers are concluding the vote canvassing. my mum is a teacher for over 20 years. and god knows how little these noble professionals earn especially if they chose to teach here and not in other countries, where heftier pay checks await them. and to make their situation worse, year after year government slashes in national budget allocation for education. thus the obsolete books, dilapidated buildings, broken chairs, and all other unimaginable school condition not suited for a suppose thriving country.

with but a little hope in my hand i say, “nakakabilib ang pinoy! di napapagod umasang kaya pa nating magbago at umasenso.” especially when you see people coming to precincts to vote for the person whom they think most suitable for the task. nakakalungkot na nakakatuwa.


(photo uploaded with permission from genius harley)

oh! and another random thought, a pinay was awarded by UNEP. ang galing ng cebuanang ‘to! she is of rank with al gore in her advocacies in environmental preservation. props! props to you ms. gozun! i hope ‘pinas would have more gozuns. and the world would have more of her other 6 co-awardees.

on my alaminos-bolinao pangasinan leg, i’m still in-between uploading 1000+ photos (exaggeration of course!) and writing on my travel notebook :p later perhaps. for the initial photo installment hop here.


2 Responses to “post election randomness”

  1. 1 abbyG. 18 May, 2007 at 9:45 am

    such a hopeful photo, galing. :)

  2. 2 banggigay 18 May, 2007 at 11:32 am

    exactly! he has a lot in his site. photos not only give you hope but make your luv of being pinoy magnified 10x. :-)

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