fallen falls

i towed my chinese-canadian friend (and his girl) with my chalah buddies to majayjay last saturday. and since it was like a 4pm-friday-idea only, i wasted no time in searchin’ the net on anything written about it. there are a lot of good stuff ‘bout it, but sadly most are overrated and misleading :-(

it took us 5 hours to get there (alabang viaduct is being retrofitted and SLEX is undergoing a rehabilitation)and we took the nagcarlan route (we should have taken the rizal route as we’re closer to montalban). we wasted our half day on road alone. and since we just planned it to be a day trip only, we are close to crying when we reached majayjay. but we’re not ready to face disappointment especially infront of a foreign guest chalah (M & his girl), so we made sure we’d get to the falls as close as we can.

it was a 15 minute walk down to the mouth of the waters. long yet an easy trail. campers dotted the riverside. we even saw an infant sleeping inside a tent. d-ooooh! skies hinted a rainshower and the environment alone is not conducive for such a little angel! the baby’s parents must be crazy!

so there, we got to the falls’ mouth and laid our mat on a boulder near it. we settled quickly to have our lunch 2ish. we hastily finished our pasta, chicken and donuts (prepared by S, luv you mare!) so we can dip into the falls’ cold cold water.

amongst all the blog posts i read on majayjay experience, its cold cold water is the only exception they have understated. geeeeez! it’s too cold you’d see my muscles twitch! i’d reckon it’s 7-10C only. imagine how cold it could be for a sun worshipper like me.

but of course even a water that cold can’t stop us from swimming ;p but fun stopped when i saw lads polluting the waters as they nonchalantly lather the soap on their body. arrrrg! as if it wasn’t enough when they took their shampoo and threw the sachets right there on the water. of course i have to apologise to my foreign friend on this, and explained to him, that it was a remote case of ignorance. pffft! (i hate making excuses like this). but because i cant help just watching these muppets, i approached them and asked, “boy, pwede bang magsabon at magshampoo dito sa ilog?” they answered seemingly annoyed “e di subukan mo, pwede naman e!”. arrrg! the nerve! i digressed and said “ok! sana na lang wag nyo itapon dyan lang yang mga sachets” then i left! hay naku, bunch of fun spoilers! kainis!

we then climbed the bushy hill to check the so called “secret lagoon”. slope was sharp and S who is altophobic had second thoughts on climbing. when we got there on top of the falls (where the “secret lagoon” is), there were 6 other adventurers, which made me say to myself, “this is no secret at all”. but at least up there, it’s so much better. not crowded, just a couple of swimmers and there are no boisterous lads playing, it’s just you, your friends (cos the others swimmers left us) and the refreshing splash of water :p it’s already a respite to us, if it can be called a consolation.

5ish we packed our stuff and did our obligatory clean-up. we made sure we left no litter. we paid 5 bucks to a public shower so we can have a quick one before we leave for luisiana (to my relatives).

i intend to speak to the administrator of the falls, which by the way collects P20/head for a day trip. but i forgot to do so, cos i was on the phone when we passed them. i wanted to tell them that a P20 entrance fee is dirt cheap for a maintenance fee, but if it will make them less on guard of taking care of such a promising spot, go charge P50 or even a hundred, but i want a vigilant keeper of the falls. public restrooms are stinking, litters are eyesore and campers are just all over. haaaay naku! nakakahiya sa kasama kong banyaga na merong niagara falls na maayos na inaalagaan ng tagapangasiwa sa kanilang bansa.

anyway, whoever is going there for an experience, it’s worth a try. but go there with an open heart and set your mind to just have fun. don’t expect too much or you’d go home empty handed. sure, i’ve got couple of complaints and disappointments, but i’m a nomad at heart. i’ve seen a couple of places far worse than this, and i know not all places are peaches like coron, balicasag, pinatubo crater lake, malapascua and other places i’ve been. what matters most is that it’s another place of discovery, of learning and of bonding to us chalahs!:p

majayjay 036

majayjay 034majayjay 014

and to you guys, who’d head there later, please do me a favour of airing my sentiments to its maintenance group. thanks! :-)

the trip ended though after we dropped M in his hotel (whilst in Manila) with an sms, “mate, no worries. it’s a totally new experience for me, and i enjoyed my time with you guys.”

M, i realized is such a people pleaser type! hahaah!





11 Responses to “fallen falls”

  1. 1 o.O 24 May, 2007 at 9:11 pm

    wow! majayjay! i miss that place! i haven’t been there for the longest time, way before they cemented the roads that lead to the falls. it’s been crowded since then. is it still?

    we used to go there on a weekend na solo namin yung falls, P5 lang yung entrance fee. walang ibang tao! :) back then, it was really wow pinas!

  2. 2 angelblush 25 May, 2007 at 8:36 am

    wow. nice place.

    i suddenly remembered the time when we were in a cold spring… and there were this people… bringing shampoos and soaps. At least they were considerate they did not bath inside the spring. only outside. But they left their LITTER. i’m a person who does not spoil the nature even even if i’m in the city as well …. and to see people littering.. rawr.

    what an answer from the kid. napaka pilosopo. hehe

  3. 3 bullrunner 25 May, 2007 at 3:05 pm

    Nice. The cold cold water would make it the perfect place to take a dip after a 10k…if only it was nearer manila :)

  4. 4 cooloperator 25 May, 2007 at 4:06 pm

    i haven’t been there yet but i know it surely beats our odorous & crystal black pasig river harharhar..but sad to hear there were those sick-of-the-eyes kids littering the place.. i missed the chance huhuhuhu…

  5. 5 banggigay 25 May, 2007 at 4:23 pm

    o.O, the last time my family and i went there was summer of ’91. it was a loooong walk to the falls back then. but it’s so much nicer then – a true escape from the hustle & bustle of the city. sana lang maasiayos ang pangangalaga ng lugar. now na! :-)

    angelbush, exactly! these lads don’t know what they are doing. que horror! btw, i was surprised to see how young you still are! nyaaa! :p

    bullrunner, naku! i can’t stand talga cold water. warm water is more of a relief and thus lulls me to sleep. but a 10k dash with you guys would be great! tara!

    kiddo, if i sound like it’s already a horrible place. no it’s not. but it is doomed, if the administrator won’t start whipping those lads. oh and the water? it is still soooo crystal clear…and soo soo cold :-)

  6. 6 cooloperator 25 May, 2007 at 5:00 pm

    nope it didn’t sound like a horrible place to go but it was really a shame to your M friend. though he never scribbled some negative words when he sent you an sms but from the back of his mind he really felt disappointed of what he saw.. whatta shame!! harharhar

    hhmmmm i missed the chance….huhuhu

    anyway, do i have to greet gefoy and yah-know a happy weeksary tomorrow? harahrharharharharhar

    fang-asar vah!!!!!!!

  7. 7 Ferdz 27 May, 2007 at 10:15 pm

    I haven’t been to majayjay though I’ve heard about the place long before. Nakakalungkot naman yung na kwento mo na napapabayaan nila yung lugar. Me nagbabantay at me nakalagay na bawal yung pag shampoo o sabon dun, nakaka sira rin sa tubig yun. Buti na lang picturesque pa rin yung falls kahit papano.

  8. 8 banggigay 27 May, 2007 at 11:30 pm

    aye ferdz, it is. falls’ backdrop is but perfect – still very green. naisip ko nga, hmmm, i should really find a way to contact the administrator or it would be too late to preserve.

    i realised also, most pinoys are doing stuff like that, not because they just like spoiling our tourists spots or our environment for that matter, but because they lack the information they need to fully understand the danger they pose in doing it. hello denr, decs, dot and other lgu offices!!!information dissemination is of paramount importance.

  9. 9 markku 28 May, 2007 at 11:12 pm

    That place is nice, I wish I’d get to visit it soon. Great shot on the first photo. =)

    Btw, we met at the Nike Believer event, I was also one of the bloggers that came with Jayvee. Hope you still remember. =)

  10. 10 tutubi 29 May, 2007 at 10:54 am

    taytay falls in majayjay…went there a few years ago to treat my mother on her birthday

    it’s too dran cold even if it was a hot summer day. couldn’t stand it

    made popular by the Tabing Ilog seris on TV sometime ago

    too many people and most of them don’t give a damn about the environment :(

  11. 11 banggigay 29 May, 2007 at 12:50 pm

    markku, of course i remember you. actually, among the peeps na inintroduce ni jayvee, markku lang na-recall ko :-) nice page ah!

    hi tutubi! ay dun ba yung tabing ilog? :-) nakakaaliw favorite ko yan dati eh, si edz saka si rovic (hahaha!)

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