my bicol express

was going through some snippets on my notebook, and thought of summarizing it:

  1. if you’d go to bicol on a bus, please don’t take the penafrancia tours. arrrg!. they suck bigtime. we were still in lucena, when the bus’ a/c broke. the driver and the 2nd man, know nothing in fixing it. (d-oh! are they not suppose to know troubleshooting and stuff especially they are crews for a 12hr or so drive?). so there, i failed to force myself to sleep cos it smelled really bad inside an airtight close bus without an a/c. i almost hurled twice. i have to ask the guy at my back to have his window open (which btw, is just one of the 4 windows that can be opened!) cos i was already gasping for some fresh air! if it’s not 2am, and we’re not in the middle of nowhere, i’d alight to the next stop and take an ordinary bus instead (at least it has windows for air circulation).
  2. get ready to be flexible with your itinerary. we first planned to go straight to donsol to be in time for the 9am schedule of the whaleshark interaction, but because of the never-ending bus stopovers (minimum to have like 40mins! d-oh!), we thought of going to naga-pili-daraga first and moved our donsol schedule the next day. and a spur-of-the-moment camsur watersports complex swing is indeed a good idea.
  3. books you’ve been achin’ to read are your best companion for a 13-hour ride. and if you are the type who feels bizarre without your ipod, make sure it is fully charged for a totally chillaxin’ experience with your own music selection :-) unless you wanna jam with the bus driver’s emo music like, my elusive dream, delilah, green green grass of home and others of this genre. (please don’t get me wrong! i don’t see anything wrong on the driver’s choice of music. it’s infact my dad’s all-time-favourite-line-up in magic sing. but to listen to it whilst on your way to a promising get-away it’s just absurd :p
  4. one wouldn’t understand the real meaning of a gastronomic experience on anything with coco milk and lots of chili, unless you set foot in bicol, and try their kinunot, bicol express, pinangat, and adobado. yummy lahat! grabe! :-)

later will share my naga-pili-daraga-donsol experience. i’m just in a middle of something, but hop here for the meantime for some photos.


5 Responses to “my bicol express”

  1. 1 E-Rod 6 June, 2007 at 12:41 pm

    bicol=the penafrancia bus “adventure”, butanding, my my my delilah, and every dish made with sili. i’m there next time i’m home.

  2. 2 hitme64 6 June, 2007 at 6:01 pm

    been there, done that…wanna go back to bicol! what an experience bang…except for the butanding adventure, i’ve gone through that hell of a bus but a heaven of a trek later on…

    enjoy fuego and when you return let’s rock fort boni…on the road that is :D

  3. 3 banggigay 6 June, 2007 at 8:44 pm

    oh yes e-rod you really should. and i’d gladly show you around :-)
    hitme64, exactly! what’s a bus mishap compared to a totally splendid experience in the land of oragons and sili luvers? :-)

  4. 4 tutubi 7 June, 2007 at 9:36 am

    sarap dyan sa bicol

    was also able to visit that daet-naga-legapzi-donsol
    a few years ago

    thinking of pocting at least the story since my pics there were too lousy :(

    will also link you up :)

  5. 5 neil 25 June, 2007 at 10:20 am

    I should have not done this. I mean reading ur blogs. Bicol? Mayon? Daraga? Where was I? Been wanting to go to bicol. and Majayjay? Damn I really should quit my job. Stress is killing me and i just cant hop a bus to see the world coz I’m just tooo busy! Missing out on a lot of our chalah trips made me finally decide to go back on my modeling/acting career hahahaha!

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