trade offs

whilst i am enjoying my life there on the boat the fed is losing to nadal again on clay court. it could have somehow spoiled my holiday, but i thank weroam’s poor signal, i failed to check the results online right away. and N, who sms me to drop the bomb, failed to taunt me as both my mobile phones are unreachable. but my confidence to the fed, despite most reviews reveal camps on rafa’s, i happily checked the french open site. awww! ok, so my fed was overpowered again by nadal. boo! i intend to see though the finals (on record) this weekend. regardless, my fed is still my fed:-)

adidas kotr on 1st of july…aaaah! i gotta dash again, now that my lesion on my right toe (i got during my weekend trip) doesn’t hurt anymore. yay! i hope to have my dad run with me. and oh! i got inspired by tbr & hitme64 of their run logs. i’d start doing it too.

last saturday i misplaced my make poverty history white baller’s band, i luv it to bits cos it was a present to me by L, but look what i’ve got now in lieu of it…my yabang pinoy band :-)

yabang pinoy 015

i plan to be a home buddy this weekend, and spend my laidback afternoons with mum and dad. for the past weekends been out of town and i’ve not spent quality time with them. hmmm…which brings me to remembering…it’s daddy’s day:P whoever said i’m a daddy’s girl…is saying only what is given and obvious. hahah! geez! i’m crazy!

hello world, to all the daddies out there…haaaaappy fathers day!


2 Responses to “trade offs”

  1. 1 e-rod 16 June, 2007 at 5:45 am

    as great as federer is, nadal is the king of clay. i don’t think I’d want federer to beat nadal in roland garros, not yet anyway. otherwise, federer might call it a career and retire if that ever happens. that man is unstoppable, well, except at the french.

    btw, did you bring your laptop on the boat? what’s up with that, girl–it’s supposed to be a getaway.

    nice bracelet. i wonder if i can find that around here.

    enjoy your pop’s day, you daddy’s girl, you ;)

  2. 2 banggigay 17 June, 2007 at 4:23 pm

    haha. hence i can never be called a backpacker (in the truest sense) cos i always tow with me my notebook. come on, you must forgive me, i’m a hamster world slave. my clients dont understand holidays :-)

    oh well, you’ve got a point there on the fed. but it’s just heartbreaking to see him lose on that very court again.

    hmmm, PM me you postal address, let me see what i can do about it ;-)

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