i was on a 3 day escape…should be a total disconnection from my worries…but during those nights, away from the city, whilst lying on bed before i sleep…i can’t help not to think how my fed and nadal’s game would fare?

this morning, i was sms by D, it’s the fed again! hooooray!!!!

5th for the fed

i’ll watch out for the replay tonight…i can’t let it pass without seeing that gentlemen’s classic match on grass :-) they said it was indeed a close match. my fed lost his cool, something which made me more excited to see how nadal managed to do it. hmmm…for all it’s worth…it’s the 5th for my fed :-)


i received an email from solar generation youth (a greenpeace suborg) which i am a member of, that e-jeepney has now been launched and is on a 6month test drive in makati!


woot!woot! good news like this makes me wanna believe, changes, positive stuff for that matter, can still happen :-)

i hope this exercise would really roll out successfully. this will not only give higher earning for the jeepney drivers (8 hour electric charging for a 120km run is cheaper relative to diesel consumption on the same distance covered) but also benefit the commuters. on top of these economic benefits, it’s environmental friendly as it does not pollute the air, top reason why this SHOULD BE adapted nationwide.


ok, so i failed to see the back to basics concert of christina but it wasn’t really a big lost.

BUT i missed the christening of J, my besti’s first born! i wouldnt really trade this for anything normally if i was advised that they are aiming a 07.07 for the christening. i should have blocked my sked on those dates so i can attend the event. i hate missing big days like that especially if it’s my besti’s and i’m a ninang. but i cannot also let down the other 6 people i bugged for the cdo-camiguin trip. i intend to make up for my besti and my inaanak though. hay naku! you really can’t have it all.

anyway, i’ll post later my 3-day trip. i just need to do first some errands and do my daily fix – running :-)



hitme64, i have not started the challenge. it was suppose to start last 07.07 right? will do tonight
photos swiped from here and here



3 Responses to “tidbits”

  1. 1 e-rod 10 July, 2007 at 12:18 am

    e-jeepneys. wow, that is certainly a revolution. if it’s as good as it sounds, i sure hope it takes off and replaces the old standard. maybe the govt. will help by subsidizing current jeepney owners to trade in their old ones for the newer electric versions.

    go fed go! is he more accomplished than pete now?

  2. 2 sardonicnell 10 July, 2007 at 2:16 am

    im impress, e-jeepneys in manila. that should help the environment, at least lessen the amount the smoke invading manila. how was your 3-day trip? hope you had a blast!

  3. 3 fathertime 10 July, 2007 at 12:04 pm

    mare, sino may-ari ng e-jeepney na yan?
    gusto ko sanang mag-apply as konduktor eh..hehehe
    kain muna ako….

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