virtual runner got stoked

went to bed very very late. i was forcing myself to sleep but old habits you know just don’t go. anyway, i’ve sms B to give me a ring, to make sure i wake up. both my mobile phones, were set to alarm at 4am. but the “not-a-morning” person me, just pressed snooze and slept some more. but i can’t escape the nagging thoughts of my need to get up, that even in my in-between-snooze dream i saw i was running. arrrg!

so there, i was literally crawling when i went to the shower room. i was trying to rationalize why do i have to wake up that early when even a client or my ceo cannot make me attend an 8am meeting? do i really need to do this? does it make a difference if i don’t keep my word and not join the VR?

after i have donned my running shirt/shorts/shoes, received a call from B and an sms from R both to check if i really woke up. hahaha! my co-Vrunners are a classic!

i am almost willing to run along the hallways of the building, when i got surprised to see from my window a fine weather favourable for outdoor runners like me.

as soon as i’m off to the road, with but sporadic vehicles passing by, i let out a loud WOOOOHOOO! it’s my first dawn run…my first VR…and my first attempt to understanding what’s inside a runner’s mind why he’d get up from bed whilst the world is still sleeping.

was having my dash in sync with my sofia’s brasilectro playlist when..oh oh!…rain started pouring again…had to run to the nearest canopy cos i don’t want my nike+ & sofia to be damaged with water. was on my 4th kilometer already and it’s around that time when i usually catch my best momentum…so imagine my disappointment to just be stopped by the sudden pouring. thus even if i know i’d look insane, i jogged in place whilst waiting for the rain to stop. the lobby guard of the salcedo place gave me that jaded look, as if saying, “oh man, she’s crazy!”. hahah! but i care less…i am jogging and i’m loving it!:-)

it’s a quick downpour, and next thing i knew, i’m making my rounds at the salcedo park:-) hundreds of ideas were coming at a neck breaking speed ranging from the most profound to the most trivial. i was in my best element that time! it was those moments when you know something sooo good was happening in you. and oh boy! i wasn’t alone with my run…we’re about 8 virtual runners having our fix. simply put, a great experience shared with like-minded people.

ok, i’m stoked. i can go on and on with the details of my run, from my route to my meeting B, to our joint run, to my wondering what do other runners think…but i can never articulate how great i felt on that morning run. wooohooo!

e-rodhitme…more VRs please…;-)


to mac users, please teach me how to post here my uploaded run at nike+ site. saw a thread how to do it, but it just wont work with me.


other VRs as they share their experience on getting stoked: hitme, e-rod, ben, renz, steph, gretchen, running freeman



3 Responses to “virtual runner got stoked”

  1. 1 e-rod 11 August, 2007 at 5:48 am

    hey, your post was well-articulated with “WOOOOHOOO!” your excitement and enthusiasm came through loud and clear.

    got news for you, banggi. the rest of the world thinks runners are crazy anyway so worry not about jogging in place and what the sikyo thinks. great job out there!!

  2. 2 hitme64 13 August, 2007 at 6:05 am

    now you see what it means to be a running savant hehehe…

    okay, to post your nike logged run, use snap n’drag…just download this from or…click selection and then use the cursor to highlight the area you want to copy…save to disk then upload to flicker or photobucket and then pwalah! simple…just like a morning run… :D

  3. 3 bullrunner 15 August, 2007 at 1:09 pm

    I felt like I had to read this at triple speed to remain consistent with your hyper personality haha! Wooohooo for waking up early to run! And wooohooo for running in the rain :)

    You should have Grab in your utilities folder. You can use that too to snap a picture of your Nike Plus.

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