VR in KLCC park

it’s the merdeka month long celebration here. almost of the same time my alterego and i 1st visited malaysia. this time though celebration is so much bigger. it’s the 50th independence day for them! and last night, after i checked in to my hotel, (which by the way is a winner! it’s a stone’s throw away from the twin tower) even without unpacking yet, went to PJ area to see the fireworks competition. it was australia’s turn for a stellar display. rent the cab per hour and asked the driver to just wait for me:-)

we parked on a curb of a highway along with other spectators to see the sky show. i’m all astounded in every pattern and color burst…colors dancing rhythmically in the skies :-) i feel like a kid again in the middle of a not so familiar place and a not so familiar crowd. there were even times i’d clap out of amazement. haha! im dead sure the driver thinks i’m weird. but so? haha!now memories of annual pyro olympics in manila become vivid!:(

i tried capturing the moment in my shots but..errr..ok..i got a really shoddy hands…can’t make my hands still to get even a nice photo. of course there’s another story on my cam. i just bought it in klia’s shop as soon as i landed, cos arrrg…this is a no-no ok?..i forgot my 2 cameras in my gabriel. and i was convincing myself the whole time during flight that my mobile phone would suffice..but you know, something in me pushes me to just get that a-bit-cheap cam, as it anyway would always come in handy next time. so bought that sony cybershot dsc-w35. really wanted canon but it’s more expensive and instead settled for this one.

so there hopped again to the cab and got back to my hotel. had a nice chat too with the driver. something worth posting separately.

next thing i knew, geez! it’s midnight already! need to be in bed for the VR. i’ve set the 3 mobile phones to alarm at 4 and requested the front desk for a wake up call. hahah! 4 alarms = will power eh?? was sms-ing TRF too and gave him my hotel so just in case he can swing by.

and yay! 4am i was up. my room was a witness to all my stretching stints. hahaha. off i went to the park with all my stuff: cam, nike+ kit and the small pasalubong for TRF (you see i’m a tru blooded pinoy, hehe). tried checkin’ first where my friend’s hotel is before i went to klcc park. and geez! only till i saw a running chap, i remembered…errr. i left my bb in my room. how can i contact TRF & meet him??! i don’t even know how he looks like. so ran back to the hotel, 200m away i guess just to get it.

we meet 530ish. wooohoo! it’s nice to meet another runaholic, and a hardcore that is. completed 3 full marathons, and another one he is preparing for december, the singapore marathon! i was like, “ei if you wanna run run run you may. i’ll try to catch up.” hehehe. but he said..he’s ok. he’s doing a light run anyway.

VRunners at KLCC park

i envy him cos he runs there in klcc park regularly. air he breathes is far fresher than makati air. got a nice landscape where everything is soo green and trees are all over. man! scent of the woods indeed. and it’s not a boring flat jogging path but a seemingly rolling terrain minus the dirt & the mud. 6ish other runners began populating the park. but still just enough number for a pleasant run. and how can i discount the fact that as we make our rounds, it’s the twin tower that peeps at us in between green thick luscious tree leaves that add to the run’s splendid feeling? it’s not my first time to see the twin towers, as i’ve been here 2005 for almost 20 days…but petronas twin tower never fail to take my breath away! not only as an engineer who cares about its technical specs and the brilliance of its architecture…but as a filipino who admires everything that the towers symbolize – the great vision of the malaysian people. so much of that, reflection later.

we finished 7ish. i reckon we completed 12-13kms. my ipod nano (with nike+) was useless cos i failed to charge it. haha! another one of those boo boo moments of mine.

after burning say 650++ calories…i found myself beaming for the buffet breakfast. hahah! sweating it out, and then there i was having that power breakfast eh?! graaabe promise..taob!

power breakfast

i hope all other virtual runners were able to get their fix! it really feels soooo good to be up again at dawn and run until my heart’s content. and knowing that there are other people out there that are one with me in this synchronized virtual run. wooohoo! stoke moment again! :D

i’m most definite, i’ll call the office for a rebook on saturday (instead of friday) for my return flight. this city has grown in me sooo fast :)


16 Responses to “VR in KLCC park”

  1. 1 e-rod 24 August, 2007 at 1:55 am

    banggigay…so look who’s the traveling maniac again. i’ll need to try to go somewhere the next few weeks so i can do my vr in another place, maybe even another time zone. cool for you to meet another vr buddy.

    what a great shot of you and trf with the twin towers.

  2. 2 sardonicnell 24 August, 2007 at 2:36 am

    naku bangge, you make me want to run as well. but i dont think my body can do it. but it sure was nice to meet a fellow runner and enjoyed a run together. hope you’re having a fab time in KL :o)

    ps: wow breakfast!

  3. 3 banggigay 24 August, 2007 at 2:54 am

    hahah! eric..it’s work, ok?! and if it made me travel a little…why not? right? hahah! different time zone would be nice…how about 430 am (GMT + 8) hahah!

    nel, tara na! join the club! i’d be persuading abbyg too! we have a VRunner who runs in sfo area too. cooolness!
    breakfast? ay regardless of my teeth pain, & the annoying braces, tinaob ko talaga yan!

  4. 4 elie rude rider 24 August, 2007 at 10:47 pm

    I appreciate the way you write ! very nice blog .

  5. 5 Ben 24 August, 2007 at 10:57 pm

    Wow banggi! Nice run! Now why did you forget that i can help you get a cam at a very good price. :) anyways, enjoy your new toy. and take some more pix of the route, so that TBR and I would forever drool of those kind of running routes. See you on sunday mate!

  6. 6 abby 25 August, 2007 at 12:39 am

    hahaa, napakahirap kong i-convince dyan! very tempting, but i don’t have the strength! (which is probably why i have to get on it, yes?)

  7. 7 TRF 25 August, 2007 at 1:15 am

    Hey Banggi,

    That was one power breakfast :)
    the picture only proves na hindi pa nawawala un digicam mo.
    thanks and enjoyed the walkaton (walk & talk) :)

  8. 8 banggigay 25 August, 2007 at 5:23 pm

    elie, thanks. you are free to drop by again :-)

    abby, naku! it’s only the first strides seems endless. but come back to me after you had one run, even a 3 miler. i’m pretty you’ll say, “more runs please”

    bench, yeah! ang saya ko! i was successful on this trip. i lost but one electric toothbrush, cos i used it last before checking out. hahaha! pleasant to meet you there!

  9. 9 caloyb 25 August, 2007 at 6:40 pm

    i envy you. i’ve been to KL twice but never had the chance to do a run there. ewan kung makakabalik pa ako. :(
    i agree with you KL is such a nice place!

  10. 10 Rick Gaston 26 August, 2007 at 9:29 am

    “in here she said, it is brighter than sunshine! ;-)”
    And lots of caffeine too it looks like. That banner is waking me up.

    You guys are so committed. Seriously I don’t know if I can get up at 4AM. I’m a late night person kasi. I’ve run in P.I. and yeah I agree with the air thing. My mom’s family is from Bacolod, I grew up there till I was 11, and the air there is fresher until they start burning all the collected dried leaves and trash.

    Nice running with you guys.

    P.S. That breakfast screams PINOY.

  11. 11 banggigay 26 August, 2007 at 5:31 pm

    caloy, di ba? it’s a very green city despite the edifices around. especially when i flew back to manila, there’s sooo much this city has to teach our country, top being never compromise environment on its attempt to progress. haaaay. nkakalungkot lang talaga. but we still have a chance to our davao city! :-)

    rick, likewise here. i sleep 2-3am. and during VRs, it’s really a big time effort to be on bed at least 12mn. but if you’d ask me…i am willing to really discipline myself to adjust my body clock. iba talaga prize ng dawn running! go try it ;-)

  12. 12 addettski 26 August, 2007 at 7:04 pm

    Wow, Bangge, travel ka na naman. Inggit talaga ako sa lifestyle mo..haha. Anyway, I’m out of town right now – was in Portland and now i’m in Seattle (basically, these are the few cities down south of the border). Finally, I got a chance for some time-off from school and work.

    Pag nagpunta ka dito sa July, you’ll get see some amazing fireworks show for free.

  13. 13 banggigay 26 August, 2007 at 9:33 pm

    oist mare, it’s not a pleasure trip this time but work related. a bit toxic in fact. running from one meeting to another. but my trusted time management talent gave me the chance to have fun in between :-)

    i dont have enough money to travel west for now. graaabe! ang gastos kaya! unless..unless office sends me there! :) hahahah!

  14. 14 tina 29 August, 2007 at 12:27 am

    what a traveller you are… grabe ha.. and travelling alone? :P cool :) ill be there sept. 17 ata..

  15. 15 bullrunner 29 August, 2007 at 7:01 am

    VR in KL! What’s next a marathon in NY? If that’s too costly, then a marathon in P.I. will do too :)

  16. 16 banggigay 29 August, 2007 at 2:10 pm

    tina, it’s so easy to luv KL. but i’d recom you to see penang and genting too. you’d luv it there!

    jaymie, ay pressure. but id be looking forward to that day when i can join a full 42km stretch :-)

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