chances are

The Fed faced a new kid on the block djokovic in the finals of USO. D could have made it if he’s as armed mentally as My Fed, with his good start. he had the right moves, but My Fed‘s equipped with his quantum tennis game…and again it goes back to My Fed’s mental strength. novak is still young at 20 and it was just his first grand slam final appearance. but mind you, even with that, he can pose a threat to nadal if only he’d continue playing like what he did in montreal.

i must admit though the antics D brought to the game with his imitation of the other players. he showed his berserk lad inside. haha! i mean it’s not always you’d find a character like that especially in the middle of a grand slam match and a NY crowd :-)

and wooohoo! to all other tennis enthusiasts out there, we’re given the chance to see The Fed play an XO game against who else… sampras here in asia. woot!woot!

22.11 at KL and 24.11 at macao. (20.11 at seoul not sure yet though)…but i’m eyeing to see the match at the venetian, macao. to all my chalah friends, tara!:-) this is the closest i can get to these two greatest players to ever have hold a raquet, and i wouldn’t miss it for anything! :-)

geeez! i really need to tighten my belt now. need to save-up for this XO match! no more unnecessary spending as in! need to cut my caffeine fix to save some bucks a day. walk more, drive less. refrain from swinging by to malls. stop lurking temporarily to polar, garmin, scubapro, mares, apeks, vespa, titus, apple, and canon website so no drool stuff would tempt me to waste much needed moolah. say “next time” to xtx 200 and bcd. renting is always an option for broke divers! haha! and most importantly, elllo to all my generous and well meaning friends!!! if you got an area for interior design / space plan / fit-out may it be your loft, office, store or anything, i may be of help :-) give me a ring, i can show my work portfolio to you for reference. i need to do some sidelines to support my Fed-Sampras Project! haha!

wooohoo!!! countdown to macao begins! :-)



1 Response to “chances are”

  1. 1 sardonicnell 12 September, 2007 at 1:21 am

    macau ba kamo? i’ve heard so many good reviews about that country, that it has some sort of portugese architecture. love the old town feel kasi!

    like you, bangge. ipon ipon din ang beauty ko. i’m leaving soon and need all the andalusha i can save. kaya iwas malls din ako, till my mother dragged me over the week end. pero di ako gumastos, siya lang! grabeng pagpipigil at disiplina at ginawa ko. promise! hirap pala non.

    have a great day friend and im sure you’ll get to macau and get to watch your game. ikaw pa, galing mong rumaket!

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