avec ma famille à singapore

planned this trip since may, i broke the news to my family that i signed a contract to work as an expat (yeah!) in __ (ok, till now haven’t received my visa! arrrrg! *patience*), and i’d be bringing them to Sing-KL for a family holiday. just imagine how they exclaimed, wooooah!

but you know, how great times like this can easily be spoiled by an immigration officer who wouldn’t let my mum leave the country without that certificate from DECS certifying that she’s allowed to go on leave? dooooh?!and soobrang nakakainis kse this officer ang angas nya sobra habang kinakausap nya mum ko na parang national security threat mum ko. sabi ng katabi nyang officer, when he overheard na nkaikiusap kme for a consideration, “pakiusapan nyo na lang, nasa kanya nmn na desisyon e” but after the ground steward announced the last call to be onboard, i went straight to the immigration supervisor to discuss the matter with him. but lo and behold! it was just 11am, but the officer is already on a lunch break! imbyerna talaga!!!so had to go back to this witch officer and made some bargains with her, like we’d leave all my mum’s ID, and other important stuff until she’s able to go back and secure that certificate. but she insisted, she cant go. so ayun, dad asked me to go with my siblings (who’re onboard already), and he’ll stay with mum.

when i realised that, there’s no chance mum & dad can still fly with us, went back to the counter and showed my bitchella personna “you know what? we dont mind keeping that policy you’re trying to implement, pero make it publicly known. don’t just keep it in the folder, at pag may problema na, ipapakita nyo pa ang mga executive orders na yan! besides, let me remind you that i’m paying for your salary! buwis ko nagpapasweldo sa’yo, so sana, ayusin mo pakikipagusap mo sa mum ko! bastos ka kung pagtaasan mo ng boses ang mum ko, pinalampas ko knina because nakikiusap kame, pro if i have to slap to your face, that i pay for your salary, magayos ka!” haaay naku! sobrang na-high blood ako! and my mum got traumatised, kse when i left them sa immigration counter she’s hyperventilating na e.

so got to call my ever reliable gregmontee to book my folks for the next earliest flight to Sing after they secured the cert the next day. and geeez! the airfare, sky high sooobra! i really hate last minute booking. even the budget airlines like cebupac, normally would cost 1499 (base fare) skyrocketed at 9999++/head.but i said i cant be defeated by this, so sms gregmontee again, and confirmed to have them booked anyway. my folks have to be with us. dedma na muna sa airfare.

then dad sms, “ingat kau dyan. enjoy kayo mgkakapatid. and ayos na kme ng mum mo dito. tomorrow we’ll be there too. ingatan mo mga kapatid mo.” awwww! reading it whilst still waiting for our luggages at the conveyor belt of changi broke my heart, as in! i know they got depressed of not flying with us, not to mention the trauma mum had with that witch, and of course the inconvenience with our itinerary cos we have now to wait for our folks! but they managed to tell us to enjoy. haaay.

after checking-in in our hotel, immediately checked shuttle bus to night safari. i thought, it would be a double jeopardy, if we wallowed on our misery in the hotel and not go out. i know too, my siblings would want to see the night safari, so hopped on the 19:30 shuttle at orchard stop, and brushed off my cares about what happened earlier in manila. inisip ko na lang, mum and dad will be flying here tomorrow anyway.

good thing it was my siblings’ first time in the lion city, so i must say they’re easy to please. they got excited upon seeing the welcome signage of night safari. had dinner inside, (syempre di pa sila adventurous sa food so fish and chips, pasta and chicken lang kinain namin), watched show at the amphitheater, rode a tram to tour the entire safari, and of course the very touristy photo shoot :-)

called it a night almost midnight already. we’re almost left behind by the last trip to the central. think they had fun really on their first night.



next day was all walk, or so my 4th sibling complaint. hehehee. alam nyo na, i’m so used to walking around makati, so singapore is no different for me went to museums, had lunch at chijmes (que horror red meat for lunch! they refused to try curry or any spicy dish, stuff i’m crazy about! so dined at this sinful resto), merlion park, esplanade and fountain of wealth. too bad, there was no light show that night at the world’s biggest fountain. so went back to esplanade where we saw a deepavali show. learned that it was indian’s light festival, thus the uber lit streets of bugis. it was again past midnight when we went back to our hotel. had to rush to the airport to pick-up my folks 1ish. more photos, hop here.

as soon as i saw my dad & mum, woooopeee! i felt big relief! the holiday would have been a disaster (well at least to me) if they have not been able to follow. immediately told them we are going to sentosa the next day :-) yay! from that moment, i know, great times are in store for us ;-p

mum said not to post this, but i insisted :p mum, leng & neng all have fear of heights, so when we took the sky tower, muwhahaha! they were all screaming big time! of course i took time taking photos of their ‘moment’!

underwater world was a real upper too! they all enjoyed it, even at the presence of anchots* they complaint a lot about the anchots, but inside they rubbed elbows with them! hahaha! they’re all amazed of the oceanarium. crossed the hanging bridge too to what claims to be the southern most tip of the continental asia. there was a group of lovely kids having an excursion with their teachers. graaaabe they’re all sooo cute and all bibo! chatted with some of them whilst on tram :-) they really are smart kids. awww i miss our chochay at home :-(

then went sunbathing to siloso beach. they liked it here more over the palawan beach (at the other side).

but mum decided not to go up to the merlion mouth. she said “ay naku manginginig lang ako dyan sa taas, kayo na lang”. saying! she missed seeing sentosa from above.

7ish, shopping time for mi familia. i didn’t, mind you. first, i find it really more expensive there, second, i was saving for that covetous bag which apparently got out of stock again when i went to the shop! arrrg! hoping though i’d be able to get it in KL, third, went out to meet my friends in Sg. and man?! did they just say we’re going to zouk club? come on, i don’t go clubbing!!!i don’t dance and i cant stand club mixes. ok, i’m such an old soul. or call me jologs but i didn’t dance. hahahah! if there was one consolation though it was one for one on drinks all night and free entry to velvet underground :-) yay! but as the night grew deeper, started appreciating the club, its vibrancy, its interiors, lighting and sounds not to mention the house music, not the trance nor garage i dislike. it’s chill music at its finest. hehehe! yeah right! as if i do clubbing to be able to compare!:-) but anyway, having been to embassy club & fiama (once or twice only though), in there you’d be really zouk-ed out! ;-)

it was my second time in Sg, but experienced something new again in this small, sophisticated and sometimes freakin’ restrictive city. it offered me something to think about again. how can such a small country, with a very limited natural resources have the one of the most stable economy regionwide?? where do we pinoys fall short?



4 Responses to “avec ma famille à singapore”

  1. 1 abby 14 November, 2007 at 5:16 am

    looks like the family had lots of fun, mahaderang opisyal notwithstanding! :)

  2. 2 Addettski 14 November, 2007 at 10:29 am

    Ang sarap naman! The whole family on a vacation. Priceless!

  3. 3 franc 15 November, 2007 at 3:23 pm

    alam mo, i feel the same way about our immigration officials… they feel so self important and over animated… sometimes nga pag inaassist mo sila sa pages ng passport mo, sila pa galit… I’ve been in so many foreign trips na pero I still feel the same way about them… habang yung sa ibang immigrations ng ibang bansa, di naman mayabang…

  4. 4 bullrunner 19 November, 2007 at 4:58 pm

    Banggi! Expat!—where? Congrats! I’m so happy for you. But, I’ll miss the company…kahit na hindi naman tayo madalas magkita! haha. Promise you’ll update your blog with your adventures in that foreign land?

    What a good daughter/sister you are for treating the entire family. I’m sure super memorable yan for all of you. Maybe next time you can take Happy Feet to HK for a marathon? hahaha

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