tsubibo ride

can i just say that maroon 5’s concert ticket prices are ridiculous???!

Event Date/Time:
March 5, 2008 | Wednesday at 8:00pm

Seat and Price:

Seat Location


Patron VIP (101, 103, 1st 20 rows) (Reserved Seating)


Patron (Reserved Seating)


Lower Box (Reserved Seating)


Upper Box A (Reserved Seating)


Upper Box B (Free Seating)


Gen. Admission (Free Seating)


when in countries like hong kong, oz & sing i can have the best seat at 4-5 grand only! what’s wrong with the local promoter?? viva entertainment? araneta coliseum? ello?? and to think i’m even willing to trade this concert over incubus (whom i luv more) plainly because i can’t find anyone to go with me and most of my friends like M5’s songs about jane more. arrrg! i’m thinking of skipping this. unless of course i’d chance upon a game in any radio station and score free tickets! lmk, if you know any, ok? (hahah! i’m cheap!) but i wont spend 5 grand to see these blokes! or perhaps if i’d be lucky and i’m already there, i can catch them instead down under on 2nd april, where tickets are a lot cheaper!

how sad that WGA strike is still on. kainez! OA na sa tagal! apektado na ko! i miss dr.mcdreamy already! buti na lang, there’s oz open. go go go!


when i had my medical check-up for my offshore work requirement, i was told i am 8lbs underweight for my height. 8 lbs??!! doooh??! how come? i still see fats on my sides? perhaps the doc miss weighing my big calves! booo! but for the sake of getting a decent med cert, i have since december been pigging out (pero no red meat pa rin :p) and sleeping all i can. thankfully, this morning , ‘4 lbs to go!’.

i recently attended a wedding of a fellow scubarat couple. and perhaps it’s the season or i blame it on the weather, but i welled tears on two instances: whilst the bride was marching down the aisle and when the groom gave his vow. awwww! he was poetic but not cheesy. or maybe was able to articulate what he felt that very moment. or perhaps, the vow just hit me. whatever it is, a yearning inside me is sooo overwhelming. ah basta! congrats to atty & to len!

i have a date with my girlfriends tomorrow at onstage. i just hope the stage play adaptation won’t fall short of my expectation.

it’s friday and i’m inluv* :-)

*the cure’s well-loved song


2 Responses to “tsubibo ride”

  1. 1 bullrunner 28 January, 2008 at 12:16 pm

    Banggi, how I wish I had a weight problem like yours! Sige, lamon lang ng lamon! hahaha.

    Agree about Maroon 5’s tickets. Too expensive. But, isn’t a trip down under going to cost you more despite the cheaper tickets? Unless that’s where you’re moving to :)

    By the way, I just realized we have the same injury now. Patella problem. Shucks, it took you 4 months to fully recover? That’s making me nervous.

  2. 2 banggigay 28 January, 2008 at 5:11 pm

    really? a patella too?? that sucks! but you have a good therapist namn e. and of course mas disiplinado ka sa ‘kin. im sure, you’d recover faster than that.

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