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been planning to go up to baguio for the panagbenga (since our pulag climb was cancelled), cos been wanting to see that famed flower festival. and since i can’t go to la union too for the MSA surfing cup, cos all my travel buddies are in coron, and that i cant drive alone, baguio sounds a better option. when i already picked-up my bus ticket for the sunday’s first trip, so i can meet S, C & R there, 8ish of friday night, got a call from DM Ge.

we’re at log com driving range, when my alterego said, “ok lang yun mars, cge magdive ka na tomorrow. wag ka na sumama sa min, mamaya sa marikina, para makapagpahinga ka mamaya. mag-day trip na lang kayo para maka-attend kayo sa party ko at night”. and of course, i was relieved. she gave me a go signal for tomorrow’s dive, even if it’s her party at night and it’s very likely we’d be back from anilao tired, cranky and late. She understood how excited i was to hear that i’d have a company going down south batangas to meet fellow dive buddies, P & V who’re already there for a weekend dive.

5am i’m up & about and driving to katipunan already to meet DM Ge & his friend E. i slept 2ish, but i was able to wake-up for the 530 meet. believe me, only a dive & a race can wake me up that early!

10ish, was already seated for the brief.

we’re diving at mainit! :p (a 5minute boat ride from planet dive).

water was chilly! as in! got a warming oil all over my body and a beanie to pair with my 3mm wet suit but still my leg muscles twitched several times due to coldness! arrrg!

and if it’s aint enough, i had those jitters of a first time diver. it was worse than when i took my very 1st open water jump. now i know, not because i was hand shooked by a naui director for my diving skills a couple of months ago, i can be complacent and not dive for almost 10 weeks! imagine that long?! ok i got tied up in work, but come on! i’ve had free weekends!

i don’t know if P & V noticed this, but i was trying to delay my back roll. i waited till all 7 of them were already descending, when i asked for “clear?” to travis (the boat man). actually, i was having those butterflies in my stomach, and not in a tickling way. i was apprehensive if i still know what to do under water. i luv adventure but i wanna go home alive too!

so i did a controlled descent by holding on to the anchor’s line and descending with my feet first.(which btw my first time to do this descent, i’d normally go down with my head first). but even with this most conservative descending technique, i had difficulty equalizing pressure on my left ear, something i am not familiar with. i may have other concerns when diving like foggy mask, loose BC etc, but never on pressure equalization. i know i did not equalize earlier, and swallowing alone can no longer address the painful squeeze in my left ear. i have to resort instead to val salva valsalva. i almost aborted the dive cos i know, i was causing delay already to the group. but my go go spirit won, and proceeded to my descent after i felt a little relief from the squeeze :-) i reminded myself, “dive science banggi. dive science!”

my worries disappeared when we reached our target depth 100-110 ft. it was cold down there, but it was beautiful!!! beautiful not because it’s as colorful as Beatrice point, but beautiful because there are a lot of small and big fish there. and with a hope to see barracudas, jacks and even sharks i can’t afford like little nuisances come my way. i was ecstatic when my buddy M hand signaled a shark to our front, and i was like, wooohooo! M & I had the best seat (if we’re in a movie house)! cos most of the group didn’t see it upclose!

and a blue ribbon eel dancing gracefully on the seabed was a winner!!!

sumptuous buffet lunch back in PD followed. we’re brainstorming where to go next, and larry’s point always came up. but DM Raymond said, we can’t that time, perhaps next time. so the 3 of us (considered juniors in the group) folded and submitted to go to saddle point instead. anyway, to us three, saddle point spells down draft, strong current and adventure! :p

giddy we were, we recalled our last experience in saddle! ang lupiiiiit! everything happened in an instant, drifting, then the down draft, then flooding, daisy chain, then losing N & C! halo-halo na!


the seniors!

after the 30minutes boat ride, we did our back rolls then our decent. this time, no more ear pains :p woohoo! no more jitters. soon enough, when we were traversing the two boulders, we’re caught with a strong current. as in strong, cos i saw DM R, literally crawling. and when i attempted to look for my buddy, my mask was being pressed against my cheek! arrrrg! and my regulator was purged by the outside force. “dive science banggi, dive science”. i reminded myself. i streamlined and made sure both my hands have a steady grip. i was waiting for a signal for us to drift but there was none. we continued crawling till we hid at the back of the big boulder. funny how even whilst we’re crawling, we’re too anxious not to damage the corals under us. by that time, i have no idea where my other buddies were. i cant look for them cos i was afraid to lose my grip and be separated from the only person visible to me, DM R.

it was again another wooohoo moment to us! 60ish ft, we faced another current but more manageable. we can still maneuver our way around and let go of our grip. it was then we’re able to enjoy not the extremities of diving but the richness of the point. couple of fish i saw for the first time, and i just imprinted how they all look in my memory, so i can check later in the book at the resort what fish are those. (btw, i have to buy a fish book next time i go out of the country. it’s a shame i can name only very few fish considering i super enjoy diving!)

2 winner dives in a day??! splendid!!!

then with just meeting our required SIT (surface interval time), the group headed for another fun dive to twin rocks!

most of us know twin rocks’ landscape like we know the back of our hand, but i tell you! we can never underestimate the beauty & richness of marine life down there, underneath! every dive is a different story to tell. guaranteed! like this time, to end my splendid diving day, a glittering school of big tunas bedazzled us only 30 ft below the surface! it was indeed a display of grand beauty. they’re so many and so synchronized with their direction, that i have to stop and wait till the last tuna made its way. this is the beauty of not having a camera underwater (not always though, sometimes i regret for not being able to document it), i can just go down there, and watch the beauty infront of me unfold from glory to glory!

i was all knackered after 3 dives, but i can’t miss my alterego’s party. 11ish, was already at the penthouse with a microphone in my hand singing that all time favorite of mine by The Police “every breath you take” infront of her guests. but i care less, cos i scored high in that rendition! :p

oh and did i make it to baguio for that panagbenga and in the attempt to run with very thin air??

naaah! was ready to hit the sack when i sms R & C, to take photos for me and enjoy a strangely wet flower festival up there, i can’t go on high altitude the next day after i dove happily and giddily!

dive science that is! :-)

how about you? how did your long weekend fare?

if there was one thing i regret most that weekend, it was not being able to see my fellow h@ppyfeet in the pasig marathon last sunday! if only i still have energy left, surely i’m on the sidelines cheering for you guys! congrats to all the marathoners! you guys have my highest respect! hats off! cheers!


5 Responses to “dive science, banggi”

  1. 1 bullrunner 28 February, 2008 at 10:54 am

    Wow, you really know how to maximize your long weekends! I bet if the oportunities presented themselves, you would’ve been able to squeeze in a quick trip to baguio then run a 10k in Pasig! :)

  2. 2 hitme64 29 February, 2008 at 4:17 pm

    hit me with your best shot is OPEN. Expect me again to start doing something constructive…

  3. 3 margaloo 29 February, 2008 at 5:32 pm

    banggi! minsan sama ako sa dive nyo ha?

    tsaka surf din tayo one weekend!!! :)

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