at velazquez park (salcedo)

did a good 7k jog tonight. alone. and whilst running these came rushing to my head randomly:

1. i’m thankful i’m not a bag hag or an imeldific! i don’t have issues with women who are into bags and shoes, but i personally think these are categorically “walang kapararakang pag-gastos”. otherwise, i’d be working like a dog to be able to get those balenciaga, chanel and the likes!

2. BUT i can’t help not to think about ridiculously priced swiss watches! not to mention my long list of wanna-buy for my scuba diving, running, biking, mountaineering, golf etc. boo!

3. was chatting with gregmontee this afternoon when he said he wanna go back to sagada. ohhh sagada! i luv that place! but i was quick to answer, “coucou! naka-queue pa ang batanes, siquijor, carimaon, tubbataha sa mga must-see/ must experience natin. we can’t afford to go back yet sa mga napuntahan na natin. tapusin muna natin ang line-up ng wow philippines, ok? saka na natin balikan mga favorite places natin, pag mayaman na tayo ng todo!

4. i haven’t finished listing my “29 things to do before 30“. cos i keep on revising it. i guess i have so many things i wanna do, but i only have 24hours to squeeze everything in a day. haaay! time management banggi!

5. two friends are very preggy. and they are both first time mums. i don’t know if it’s OA but i wanna hear their preggy stories to the last detail! i super luv babies. all the more playful kids! perhaps i’m just maternal like that. but i just think it’s super amazing that women are the ones who bear child and are channels for such amazing blessing! thank lord for this! :-)

6. the recently crowned of bb.pilipinas is a laugh stack these days. ok, her antics are amusing! but more than that, i pity the beauty titleist. i’m sure, everytime she’d remember how awful she answered that night, she’d always wish she didn’t win, so there wouldn’t be talks how undeserving of the crown she is. awww! but honey, take this as a challenge. take speech power classes immediately. your head deserves to be heard. you may have something profound to say but you’re just inarticulate. you know?!

7. it’s already the 11th of march and none of my friends yet said yes to go with me to SOS concert! waah! i won’t be seeing duran duran cos i chose SOS over them. but tagging a friend to the dome to see this duo is another story. anyone?? i know you heart the 80s too! :-)

8. i regularly go to the driving range lately with my alterego. i know i used to say it’s not a sport…that it’s too expensive…that it’s boring and what have you. but i was proven false after i gave golf a second chance. you see, life is indeed a story of second chances eh? :p it’s organic and it grows in you. you’d be surprised how it exercises your body muscles and flex your brain at the same time.


9. summer is kinda late this year. last year, around this time, chalahs were already baskin’ under the glorious sun & pristine beaches of malapascua & bantayan islands, conquering and marveling pinatubo, admiring the hot air balloon fest in full colors and exploring and discovering the amazing thailand. either chalahs are busy or we’re broke, or perhaps we’re waiting for that kick-off lakwatsa again to start the nomadic fire! whatever it is, i hope we’d start rolling out our travel plans soon! i can’t wait for our next trip!

and then i got back to my thoughts, and minded my run again. hmmmm. nano says i exceeded my 5K workout…and yesssss! without pain again!

PIA run was a sweet experience to me! did great…or i should say i felt great cos knee pain was absent, i didn’t use my nano/nike+ (experimental, would later share why i thought of not listening to my playlist) during the race, i ran for another advocacy i believe, and i ran 5K for just 00:31:15. it’s not yet speedy or worthy of PR label but i’m getting close to my average rate before my patella injury. woohoo! and mind you, i didn’t feel exhausted after the race. yay! endurance is building slowly! baby steps to full recovery again for me!

at the start tape

h@ppyfeet with Sen. Pia

tomorrow night, i’d take a different route. i’d try legazpi and let’s see what random and trivial things would go along with my run :-)


21 Responses to “at velazquez park (salcedo)”

  1. 1 chaia 12 March, 2008 at 10:35 am

    Hanabale ganun din ako ung to do list ko! nde matapos tapos!
    hehe… alalay sa tuhod :D

  2. 2 hitme64 12 March, 2008 at 4:30 pm

    nice posture and swing there, vangie! *thumbs up*

    now i know why i quit golf altogether…i don’t have that kind of posture hahaha, but the swing…that’s something else…like pounding a ball to nearly 300 feet…almost dislocated my shoulder when i did…

    hope to see you again in one of the runs…until you finally become an aussie, of course…miss your vivacity and enthusiasm!

    and your coffee, too!

  3. 3 rick 15 March, 2008 at 4:50 pm

    Yeah, about the first two points. I don’t really shop for clothes and all that but when it comes to sport gear…. I am so over the 80s but continually amazed with the folks still very much into it.

  4. 4 bullrunner 17 March, 2008 at 12:24 pm

    Banggi, first things first, congrats on your full recovery! Good riddance to that #$@*^!! runner’s knee!

    Yup yup, forget about all the fashion must-haves and “invest” instead on travelling, sports gadgets, concert tickets and good food! Ang gastos nga but if that’s what it takes to live a full life so be it!

    So, how many out of the 29 have you ticked off on your list before 30?

  5. 5 banggigay 18 March, 2008 at 11:47 pm

    chaia, of course. im wiser now. i can’t afford to stop running again now that to finish a marathon ranks on one of the top in my “20 to do list before 30”. tara! let’s compare notes on your despedida :-)

    rex, haha! oa nga e! pero, i’d go to a golf school soon. i dont wanna embarass the office in tournaments of my clumsy swings :)

    rick, you just need some rekindling of an old flame to 80s :-) when you come down here let’s chill, ayt?

    jaymie, di ba? we’re both hit by the plague in the knee. but good thing, we are on our way to getting there – 100% recovery! :-)

    ahaha! andami natin gastos diba? TI naman next for me. i know a running coach with you next :-) i hope i can cope with your training pace mare. let’s do the hk marathon together! i sooo luv that place!

    and on the list?? i keep on removing items i recently completed / finished and replace it with new things. thus it’s still moving. hahaha!

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