rollin’ out

i’ve had 3 heartbreaks last weekend: Arsenal, Woods & oh! The Fed. but tonight with Arsenal facing Bolton, i am positive that this weekend would be a better one. (can i celebrate early for the gunner’s victory?) hahaha!

and yeah for those who didn’t get the sevens’ tickets, you guys know who you are, thanks for the invite to join you in the junkie and sail the south china sea instead. i still think circumventing the lamma island with a cool company is far better than having a booze in the stadium whilst watching the rugby heroes. and yes, i’d luv to, but HK is HK. i can’t just swing by there in an impulse, even with my very pregnant mileage points in PAL. i’m a mere labor force of a third world country.

besides, with mizuno infinity run on sunday & anilao waters waiting for me for a weekend dive with my buddies, how can it be any better? :-)

been procrastinating lately on blogging, but seriously, work in the office is up to my neck lately. it’s getting crazier by the day. and yes, i’m comforted with possible out-of-country business trips again (of course with sidetrips in between), i still yearn for chillaxin mood of the islands…sweet smell of sunscreen…and tickly feeling of sand between my toes…



2 Responses to “rollin’ out”

  1. 1 abby 29 March, 2008 at 3:06 am

    nai-inggit ako sa proximity mo sa beach. wish ko eh uminit na din dito ng tuluyan. though the beaches here pale in comparison with ours dyan, papatulan ko na, if only to feel the sun. if i weren’t preggo i swear i would’ve gone to the place where tapas meals abound.

  2. 2 banggigay 31 March, 2008 at 11:52 pm

    hahhaah! ako din, plan ko talaga to fly there. haven’t we chatted on this? on top of tapas, the chocolate y churros and their siesta :-) money then.

    but for now, i’d be trying to fill all my weekends with beach chill outs. late ang summer this year eh, so kailangan bumawi :-)

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