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last friday night was like going inside starbucks and be faced with all the choices on how your caffeine fix can be served. option 1: anawangin-capones island getaway with OCMI; option 2: PICPA golf tournament for a cause; option 3: mizuno infinity run with h@ppy feet; option 4: daytrip dive with scubarats.

option 1 was slashed immediately despite my fervent wish to finally experience its splendid beauty cos it was a bit short notice for me and i didn’t want my anawangin-capones experience be a crap just because i came unprepared.

option 2 was actually a fallback should all other plans will not push through.

option 3 on the other hand gave option 4 a real hard time cos it’s a mizuno run and i just luv their products (from golf clubs to shoes. ok i don’t have yet their sophisticated running shoes which i actually intend to buy in my next HK trip but i read & heard lots of good things about it and my nike shoes i think are just too heavy thus making my calves even bigger! boo! not to mention i have a mizuno pair for badminton which has served me for 3 yrs already and is still at its top performance) and of course a lot of h@ppy feet have signed-up to join the race. but…but i haven’t ran since PIA (toxic in my work place) and i know i’ll just hurt my knees again if i push a 5k run on sunday.

so i decided to take option 4 instead cos i haven’t dove for the month (i promise to dive at least once a month) and i just cant let my alterego down especially when she asked me a favour of going with her as they take her “future” sis & bro in law for an intro dive. besides it’s a day trip only on sunday and i’d have the entire saturday to just lounge at home and spend quality time with mi familia since i was out of country during the easter break.

was already up even before sun peeked in the horizon to meet C at SLEX gas station at 530 and we’re at planet dive 8ish. we’re surprised to see that the house was full with guests.

1st dive: bebot point (pinoy slang for a chick)

1st time to dive at this point.

Alterego was my buddy

there was a moderate current

we dove with photographers who joined the underwater photo contest (their exhibit will be at ayala museum starting 5th april)

sea fan, flounder, box fish and the very cute puffer fish (waaaah! i left my cam’s underwater case i just bought. i missed taking photos of such beauty!)

saw no turtles. blech!

alterego broke her left fin. she had to hold on to R’s tank for the last few minutes of the dive

90ft: 48mins, SPG Reading 1700psi. (3000 psi initial rdg); 20-30 ft visibility

fun dive

Aye, had difficulty in descending. put only 2lbs in my belt and with my size now, i’m just too buoyant.

2nd dive: Mainit Point

one of my fave sites. it never fails to give me the adrenalin rush. current is almost always moderate to strong. but still ranks high up there cos species here are the coolest.

surprisingly there was no current or very mild current

stone fish, tube anemones, soft corals abound, garden eel (?) (have to check the book, hehehe!), file fish and two more species i still am to research

no shark sighting. blech!

i actually expected some action but nothing even after 55mintues

85 ft: 55mins, SPG reading 1600psi (3000 psi initial rdg); 20-30 ft visibility

felt was too heavy with the additional 2lbs weight from my 1st dive. boo! i ended up compensating it with my breathing and bc.

3rd dive: Twin Rocks

shore entry only. honestly i don’t like shore entry. cos i have to carry my stuff till i get to the waters so i can get a little help from water’s upward force.

since we know the landscape like we know the back of our hand already, diving twin rocks is relatively the easiest. but, it houses amazing species even at 20-30 ft depth only :-)

we joined H’s siblings as they take their intro dive course.

it was a riot underneath! there were too many divers!

everyone was having a photo op, especially when the school of jacks showed up. graaaaaabe! ang daming talakitok! ang ganda tingnan sooobra! sayang ala ako cam! hmmmp!

1st dive with J, a fellow h@ppy feet:- ) 1st time to dive also with T. even underwater he has a very bubbly spirit! classic!

saya! pramis! whatta way to end the day! :-)

50ft; 40mins, SPG reading 2000 psi (3000 psi initial rdg); 30-40 ft visibility

was knackered big time on our way home! thank the heavens i wasn’t the one who’s driving!

and thankfully, i chose option 4 over option 3. i heard/read nasty stuff on the infinity run. otherwise, i’m ranting big time and not posting a fun weekend i had.

three lovely runners cum divers

off to bebot point



i’m proud to say we took part of the earth hour last saturday! :-) my mum didn’t complain when i told her what’s the campaign about and she even turned off her room’s AC. she understands the criticality of global warming. whooopeee! i hope you too turned off the lights for at least an hour, did you?


it’s h@ppy feet’s 1st anniv! cheers to all my fellow impromptu runners! i made lots of good friendship in this group. first virtually, then real, then for keeps! they have brought back my faith to people again – that nice & genuine people still exist and they are still a lot. more happy and running years to all of us!

*underwater shot courtesy of the nocturnal girl. thanks for this! :-)


8 Responses to “menu list”

  1. 1 bullrunner 1 April, 2008 at 1:57 pm

    Hey banggi, missed you at Mizuno! Every weekend ba may options 1 to 4 ka? Cool…parang choose your own adventure! :)

  2. 2 park 1 April, 2008 at 6:51 pm

    bangs!.. inggit!!.. ang saya naman!… kasama nio din pala si cams!

  3. 3 joy 1 April, 2008 at 7:23 pm

    bangge! sent na your pics and video with talakitok..sayang saglit lang kita nakunan pero ok na din… iniintay kita makirambol sa mga jacks eh :D sent it in your email :D

  4. 4 margaloo 1 April, 2008 at 9:39 pm

    missed you last sunday banggi! at least hindi… maga ang tuhod mo. ;)

    hey gorgeous let’s have dinner on friday! i’ll pay you for the SOS tix. :D

  5. 5 banggigay 1 April, 2008 at 10:22 pm

    jaymie, naku it seldom happens naman. Otherwise i’d have to give-up a certain group based on the level of my priorities :-)

    parky, aye ang saya! na-miss ko kaya kau ni vince. 1st time ko nag-dive since check-out without your pair :-) and it’s rather strange actually. next sked, tara!

    joy, got it. super thanks. danced with the jacks actually pro you & joel perhaps were elsewhere already.

    marga bru, shhhh! let’s not talk kinky here :-) friday? how bout thursday? might be in fuego na friday night eh :-) looong holiday diba?

  6. 6 margaloo 2 April, 2008 at 11:04 pm

    naku may lakad ako ng thurs… mukhang on the concert day itself na siguro tayo magkita. what time balik mo from fuego? :p

  7. 7 roh 13 April, 2008 at 2:22 pm

    hi bang ill be in manila nxt week for a short vacation… how can i meet u??? if possible????

  8. 8 roh 13 April, 2008 at 2:37 pm

    if u ask y?? it just nice to meet few outgoin woman like u

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