i heart GMA

perhaps it’s the only reason why i do…cuz…

…siya nagpa-uso ng looooong weekend!

wooot! woot!

i’ll miss the Manila10s this weekend. i’ll miss the riot crowd of rugby fans at nomads. the carnival atmosphere is just overwhelming. i’ll miss having the tourney shirt. i’ll miss my binswanger colleagues (we watch together, being tourney’s major sponsor) as we cheer to whomever expat we fancy! hahahah! and i’ll miss the company of a number of h@ppyfeet members, who apparently luv footie too. it would have been fun to share another passion with them aside from running & eating :-)

major sponsor banner

2007 finals

2007 finals

i’ll miss the awarding & underwater photo exhibit of planet dive’s camera club at ayala museum tomorrow. i know a couple who joined. and infact some have dove with us last weekend, as they took their best composed shot for the contest. congratulations to all budding underwater photographers! i have nothing but admiration to the gang! i hope exhibit lasts till next week so i can check it and ogle on it! :-)

but why am i gonna miss a couple of happenings here in manila this weekend???


everything is under the mat still, but i’m sooo excited for this long weekend.

rashguard? check. boardshorts? check. sunscreen? check. aqua shoes? check. goggles? check. after sun hydrant? check. shades? check. dive gear? maybe. let’s see. poker set? check. chips & booze? check. chillout music? check.

nuff. before i slip my tongue here.

now let me say today, i don’t mind working like a dog all week and my sleeping habit to have gone haywire like these days…if i can always kiss the summer sun on weekends :-)

fantastic walastik!!!


3 Responses to “i heart GMA”

  1. 1 margaloo 4 April, 2008 at 10:33 pm

    sikret-sikretan ka dyan, asa tags mo naman yung gagawin mo sa punta fuego. :p

    see you monday love! marami pa tayong secret activities hihihihi

  2. 2 sardonicnell 5 April, 2008 at 12:26 am

    dirty hot guys, me like. hahaha :D

  3. 3 banggigay 5 April, 2008 at 1:40 am

    margaloo! hahahah, subtleties. ok? :-) uu, marami pa. bawal ang magkwwento baka mapre-empt.

    nelya, ditto! hahahaha! shhhh! ;-)

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