just got back from my business trip. pretty toxic there at saigon with work, but thank goodness nights were mine to unwind. hung-out with the hanoi trotter & B. hopped from one place to another. from a very posh club to the most unassuming sidestreet joint. i prefer the latter though. you know i’m jologs like that! i super luv the snails with coco milk (with the chili twist). it’s a winner whilst you’re having a cold beer, hooking the snail meat (with a safety pin, hehe) & having a random conversation with the hanoi trotter.

great night. if only i’ve not lost la rouge sofia! boo!

you see, when you lose an ipod or an mp3 player for that matter, you just didn’t lose the gizmo, but your music as well! yeah! my music! my life! :-( not to mention all my training runs i’ve lost, which i have not uploaded on the nike+ site. boo!

2nd day was rather the busiest of the 3 days! ran 12hrs with non-stop meetings. ok i took a 2 hour nap in between :-) cuz i was so wasted after i had 2 cold beers at broad daylight with my clients. geeez! you guys know, i don’t really drink – beer (if with ice) & at daylight! so i just have to sneak out, move my next mtg to later time and recharge for 2 hrs.

7 meetings in a day is waaaaay too much! so hit the streets of district 1 & looked for a good full body massage.

wooohoo! masseuse are indeed heaven sent! if i can always have that pampering, i wouldnt mind having 10 mtgs in a day :-)

2nd night was a jamming night at pacharan. special tapas abound there! and their paella? (spanish pronounce it as pa-e-ya). wooopeee! winner din! in there i’m guapa (hahaha! and not pretty) & peeps call me amiga! :-)

hmmm. after hanging out with them last night ( plus our shindig on my last month’s visit), they have cemented to me the idea that spanish are one of the warmest & easiest people! ok, now i’d need to join instituto cervantes on their next term! (hi bubu! you inspired me! haha!)

saigon 15-17.04.08 023

and oh! brit’s humour? i lost count how many times i let out a guffaw that night. puns at work! :-)


i thought of having a travel buddy din like others. and i wanted something that wouldremind me of my country’s pride. i thought of having a miniature jeepney, but it’s sooo bulky. i can’t just put it in my bag. but i remembered i bought this replica of a cute little animal with enormous eyes – the tarsius!

so, from now on, mischief (i christened him that) would travel and experience the world with me! :-) i’m excited how busy his weekends would be this summer. bora, hanoi, saigon, halong bay, possible another anawangin, and one more escapade that is still under the mat :-) yay!



airport officer: ma’am dito na lang kayo para mas mabilis kse may computer. (as he shows me where to queue)


immigration counters? walang PC?? anovah? nasan napupunta tax na binabayad namin sa gobyerno??!

8 immigration counters (i dont know how many have PCs), around 300 tourists, 400++ PI passport holders all equate to RIOT at the airport!

took me 3 effin’ hours to cross the line!!!

bulok. kainez to the nth power!!!

nakakawalang gana para sa turismo! sa viet nam, ang bago nilang paliparan, meron lang naman mahigit 60 counters! oo! ganun kadami! kaya napakabilis lang! at viet nam ito ah?? hindi hong kong. hindi singapore. hindi thailand. haaay! bayan kong mahal, iniiwan tayo ng mga kapitbahay natin sa asya! (sadyang tinagalog ko kase ayoko mapahiya sa kapwa ko asyano. sa atin atin na lang problema natin, diba?)

puro ako kwento sa mga kaibigan ko sa ibang bansa, na magturista naman dito kase ang ganda ng pinas, e airport pa lang natin nakakadismaya na! anovah?!



i’m already knackered, but i can’t sleep yet. i have to finish my deliverables in the office so i can hit boracay’s waters this weekend without guilt. otherwise my neck is on the line next week! hahaha!

ahhh! the things you’d do in the name of a weekend getaway! :-)

but how can i focus to finish my work when all i can think about is our boracay dive trip :-) woohoo! scubarats here we go!


5 Responses to “mischievous”

  1. 1 abby 17 April, 2008 at 11:38 pm

    samu’t saring komento:

    bru, bilib ako sa lakas ng resistensya mo. how do you manage to sleep, if at all?

    ngek, natawa ako sa computer, suske! naiimagine ko yung dami ng taong nakapila dahil iisang pc lang ang nasa airport. mas mamabutihin pa ata nilang magbayad ng overtime sa tao kesa magbudget for efficiency.

    grabe i’ve been craving for snails in coconut for a long while.

  2. 2 Bubu 19 April, 2008 at 8:39 am

    Hmm I was gonna say that it took me 1.5 hours to enter through JFK, kaso nakita ko doble pala yung sa atin… grabe naman. And merong excuse kaya matagal nung pumunta ako dito, it was the day before Christmas eve, so obviously maraming papasok than usual. And I was also gonna cite Heathrow… kaya nagflip si Naomi Campbell, nagwala, and she got arrested. Haha. But I know what you’re saying, kasi yung mga sinabi kong lugar, maski anong sabihin mo, pupunta at pupunta parin yung mga tao. Pero sa atin, marami na ngang bad publicity, kumbaga maco-confirm lang yung mga narinig nila (by nila I mean mga turista).

    Oh, I had to laugh at your shoutout, cuz I hardly retained what I learned, so don’t be inspired by me! :p

  3. 3 marga 19 April, 2008 at 4:40 pm

    honey, i still mourn for your lovely sophia! :( engraved pa yan diba??

    i’m taking spanish at instituto next month, too. with my friend. baka t-th kami. tara?

  4. 4 bullrunner 22 April, 2008 at 2:45 pm

    Of all names to choose…MISCHIEF pa! Bakit kaya :)

    I’m sad too that you lost Sophia! I still remember the day you bought her and posted her pic.

    Dami mong lakbay in the weeks to come. Hope you can squeeze in a run or race so we get to see you!

  5. 5 banggigay 23 April, 2008 at 1:57 am

    bru, i wanted to sleep really as i understand it’s my skin that suffers the most. but geeez! i cant sleep when im tucked in bed. buti pa when im driving i can sleep easily :-) the “ginataan suso” was really fantastic. i’ll go to that joint again when i get back there!

    bubu, exactly! kainez diba?! susmio ikaw pa mi amiga? :-) hahaha!

    margaloo, hun, i cant wallow on my miseries now. anyway, i started chacking online already and i’m just checkin where to have it delivered in Sing or in HK?! hahaha! what can i do i’m such an ipod fan!

    jaymie, i know! sophia hasnt even celebrated her 1st birthday with me :-( pro, basta, i’m getting another one. and oh on mischief?? hahahah! i hate it! i’m so predictable lately! hahahah!

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