5:47 GMT + 7

ello my morning sunshine! :-)

ohh yes! i just finished my 1st morning run since my last VR (virtual run). it’s been ages. and i’d say, i kinda miss it…the whole idea of a VR.

weather here swings from super hot in the midday to sappy afternoons. so i was really reluctant to have a run here in saigon. then ben gave me tina’s #, another HF member, who’s here also. i sms her so we can run together, but have not received a reply. anyway, i proceeded with my run and:

– i finally saw hcmc (ok district 1 at least) sans the throngs of locals on motorbikes. just the plain, simple yet charming saigon.

– because it rained yesterday afternoon, scent of fresh, green leaves and aging tree near the reunification palace is soooo apparent. and it felt good to know, the scent of the woods can be present even at the heart of the city

– i’m happy with my little victories for the past days cuz i’ve been true to my vow to thyself to be a morning person and try to sleep early at night. and of course have at least 6hrs of sleep. (ok 6 hrs is already a lot for a 4-hour-only-otherwise-i’d-be-sick-the-next-day me)

– after 40mins of running/walking/running my left knee didn’t hurt even a little. if it continues to be pain-free in my next runs, i’d extend my time to an hour :-) and who knows, an LSD would be next :-) yeah dream on!

– i felt i burnt substantial calories i stuffed myself for the past weeks when i sinfully and carelessly ate whatever i crave, not minding how big i have become – effin’ 133 lbs ok? :-) hopefully i’d trim again to just my ideal weight of 128 lbs :-)

– i saw group of locals in the park doing tai chi. now i wonder, would they mind if i join them next time? :-) cuz i’m a silent fan of tai chi – movements seem to be too intense but they look sooo calm and so at peace. what a paradox they are!

– i realized i dont need really an ipod so as not to be bored with my runs. i’m not sourgraping cuz i lost mine. infact, still miss sofia and my music in it. but then again, the sound of my feet whilst it stomp the paved road is playing sweet music to my ears. wooot!wooot! i wonder why no one has told me this before. now i know why most runners run without the plugs in their ears. cuz no amount of mainstream music nor even those under indie genre can beat the sound of a passionate, h@ppy feet. :-)

– i think i’m back. really back. 100% back to this affair ;-)


2 Responses to “5:47 GMT + 7”

  1. 1 sardonicnell 8 May, 2008 at 12:14 pm

    okay na ang knees mo friend? alam mo bilib ako sayo, kasi you’re so disciplined when it comes to your daily work out. how i wish i can do that :D

    ps: ay friend, tag kita hah. pero no pressures po eto hah. mwaah!


  2. 2 caloyb 14 May, 2008 at 6:47 pm

    welcome back! happy running and run safe always. :)

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