ok! i’m over my depression on wimbledon results. i can now say that it was indeed a classic very looong 5 hour match. i’ve never seen a match like that in years. and though my Fed failed to win the cup, i cannot deny the fact that rafa is just as brilliant as my Fed! and yes, i can’t see myself cheering for another tennis genius other than my Fed, i’m a BIG tennis fan first and foremost. and what rafa showed that day was a power combo of gift & passion! he’s the best in clay, but he showed everyone how he can play great match too in grass! aaaaah!

Fed, US open ok? :-)


“wicked”, “the lion king” and “les miz”. simply put, pakyaw! :-)

oh and hancock? how about that in odeon? hahaha! yeah not in vue nor in any of the leicester movie houses. why not? 23 gbp for 3 tickets vis-a-vis 36 gbp. steal right?? :-)

and can i just say, london will be embarassed to see how filipino moviegoers are pampered in manila. but of course they have hollywood stars to do a cameo premiere show like will smith and charlize theron for hancock (arrrg! i missed them walk the red carpet days ago! hahaah!)

sunshine on my last day in LDN? sweeeet!

still chillin’ but i must thank the sunshine that day. otherwise i would have missed a super…ummm…how do i put it…super funny changing of guards ceremony at the buckingham palace! hahahaha!

i dont know…for some weird reasons i find it funny in a hilarious way! :-)


ohhh! and those brit chaps with placards like “for sale”, “piercing & tattooes” and “sightseeing in london”, standing in most lamp posts in oxford despite the chill at 12C, made me understand the other face of glamorously rich london city.



with my alterego


and yes i missed joining the fun run at london central (cuz i cant make myself run with the freezing morning breeze. boo!), seeing the F1 race, notting hill’s blue door, bath city, trip to cambridge or oxford campuses for that matter, stonehenge, temple church, getting a ride in the london eye despite my 4D/3N stay in LDN, notwithstanding my ever growing fancy to brit accent and their dry humour and yeah brit ska…i know…i just know LDN is not my dream city!

it’s ridiculously expensive.

cold and gloomy even on summer days.

lacks the vibrance of paris.

can’t rival the quaint cities of amsterdam & utrecht.

nor match the spirited cities of köln & düsseldorf.

but dont get me wrong. i still think it’s a lovely city. their parks!!! ohhh i’m sooo envious seeing runners enjoying their well manicured and very green big parks not to mention other locals who’re sunbathing there enjoying the little glimpse of sunshine of a summer afternoon in their attempt to have that tanned skin. their tube! woaaah! it’s efficiency in motion.



BUT…but i just think it’s overrated or perhaps i just expected too much. either way, if you are some kinda culture vulture (like i am) museums are everywhere or if you’re into stage plays that are brilliantly made – go swing by to west end. and for those who’re into shopping galore – their high streets wont let you down :-)

and boy! their strawberries!!! i think theirs the best!


2 Responses to “LDN”

  1. 1 abby 14 July, 2008 at 8:56 pm

    hehe, somehow i share some of your sentiments, only because I feel London is a lot like NYC in so many ways. yun lang, panalo talaga ang accent diba? did you find yourself contorting your tongue pag nagsasalita so you can belong? :D

    glad you had fun, are you back in manila yet? can’t wait for photos and kwento! :)

  2. 2 banggigay 14 July, 2008 at 10:36 pm

    ay anku mars, i never dared. kse 90% they’d all mistaken me as guess wot??? southern american!!! hahaah! i’m like, doooh! the nose! hahaha! but at least not a thailander nmn for a change! hahaha!

    nope flew straight here in Saigon, work ang naka-abang pagtapos ng saya! kainez nga e, bad connection here in SGN, d ako mkaupload! kainez! but, i’d do it soon, when i fly to Sing in the next days! :-)

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