when you’re homesick and all, wii can be a cure!

when you're homesick and all, this brings cure

it came to me a surprise to find out that C, a jamaican-canadian good friend of mine and a fellow dive buddy, who does a lot of traveling across asia due to his very demanding work in manulife, is in SGN. so we thought of having a drink just before he flies to HKG.

i think you’ll never get married.

actually im beginning to think if i travel because i’m single, or i’m single because i travel.

hahaha! both are true to you. so you can use it interchangeably.


i wanna chop my hair again and dye it…red??


when i was in LDN, M told me he is following Lobo in youtube. so i am like, “seriously??!!”. cuz M, was a college buddy, and a cum laude at that, whom i never saw to be so into any local soaps, so much so a fantaseries like that. and to religiously wait for it on youtube is absolutely absurd. but anyway he does (and so is his wifey, L) so it got the curiosity in me and joined them one night watch its last few scenes (on its series finale).

and wooooaaah! piolo definitely is H-O-T! wottaa-sexy-behind! you stole the show really there from angel big time!!!

they don’t have a TFC subscription but they told me about this chap with user name, D, unfailingly uploads all primetime shows of the kapamilya channel. i would guess he doesn’t work because geeee! he uploads the record only minutes after it was aired on national telly! it’s incredible how much work he exerts on recording and editing and uploading all those shows!

but believe me, he does wonders to all OFWs and Filipino expats all over the world.

there was one comment by a subscriber in his site:

maraming salamat talaga Sir D, talo mo pa ang OWWA sa pagtulong sa ‘ming mga OFW dito sa Dubai eh! nawawala lungkot naming tuwing napapanood namin and mga videos mo.

S, my colleague here in SGN:

mag-nap lang ako a? PDA (pinoy dream academy) performance night mamaya e. mapupuyat ako. mga 12MN pa kase ma-upload ni Sir D yung show eh.

hahahaah! wag kang OA jan. kakapanood mo lang ng kim chiu kanina noh!

hello anovah? yun na nga lang nagpapaalis ng homesickness ko eh. magiiwan na nga din ako ng comment sa page nya eh! galing nya eh! :-)

…yeah i find them crazy! i know but i know there’s truth in it. i can imagine the loneliness of being away from home.

just two nights ago, i had a breakdown. i dunno. i was still up at 3ish watching a movie on my notebook, when it dawned to me, I MISS HOME!:-( i welled tears instantly.

it wasn’t even 6 months but is seems been ages since i last slept on my bed. and no matter how soft and how comfy hotel beds are including my flat’s, they can never beat the homey feeling MY own bed gives me. waah!

and i just miss dad, mum, my siblings, my baby chochay, french fries, maya pancakes, banana q, taho, cheez whiz, sm fairview, salcedo park, makati jam, manang who sells sandwiches at the back of our building, our office lobby guards and all other trivialities of my manila life.

suddenly i appreciate their presence in my life. and now that my work demands me to stay offshore, i feel like crying (OA i know!) everytime i think about it.

i dunno if my ceo would allow me to fly back to manila at this critical stage of the project, but i would bargain to be back in MNL even for a weekend.

i.just.need.to.be.home! :-(


  • i intentionally did not put the link to Sir D’s page, cuz kapamilya might make him stop uploading those shows and it would be a catastrophe to the entire OFW / fil expat community.
  • email me if you need it, ok?:-)


5 Responses to “when you’re homesick and all, wii can be a cure!”

  1. 1 margaloo 22 July, 2008 at 12:07 am

    love you are insanely missed too.

  2. 2 thebullrunner 22 July, 2008 at 12:06 pm

    Aaaaw, yeah we miss you too Banggi! Can’t wait for our parlor trip! :)

  3. 3 franc 22 July, 2008 at 12:12 pm

    where you ba ngayon? parang tuloy tuloy na ang travel… =>

  4. 4 chaia 23 July, 2008 at 9:28 am

    mars… i miss you too.. but always remember its a small world! will see each other somewhere :D.

    haha comment “I think you will never get married”, ive got that comment lots too u know…

  5. 5 sardonic nell 29 July, 2008 at 10:01 am

    naloka ako sa entry mo, bangge. daming chika! and speaking of lobo at kong ano ano pang tfc telenovelas — i too, eh naadik-adik na! napabili nga ako ng dvr ng wala sa budget, hahaha. at may bago akong kinababaliwan ngayon, yong ‘iisa pa lamang’ with claudine, gabo and deither. medyo nagiging excited na ang takbo ng kwento ngayon. bwahaha! sabi nga sa tfc commercial, watching pinoy flicks — it brings us closer to home. dba? pssst, nasa manila ka ba sa dec? kita tayo hah ;)

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