just pop it

this cut throat project i got right now is effin’ stressful! and working with a non-team player just makes it worse! blech!


i hate it when i’m at project site and suppose to be the know-everything-being-the-team-leader-but-i-dont because i am lost in translation BIG time!


weeks ago, i was just emotional and overly sensitive due to my bad case of homesickness, now that i got over it (a bit) because of my recent trip to MNL, i was happy and shiny for a few days. but lately i seem to be having pesky attacks so easily. B-A-D i know :-(


Attention: PRC consulate, an L visa would be great!!! make me see the finals…plssss!


days to go, it’s 08.08.08…back in MNL, hundreds of couples are set to tie the knot, i know cuz 3 couples i personally know will say their “i do” (shhh! actually 2 years ago, i dreamt of walking down the aisle on that supposed lucky day, but i’m just happy now it won’t come true, otherwise i’d fail ultimately as a wife!), i’m sure other places have their own gimik to do on 888. my Fed is btw celebrating his birthday on that supposed lucky day and will be the official flag bearer of the swiss athletes..sweeeet!

but i think there’s no other place in this world i’d want to be on that day but to be seated inside beijing’s national stadium…and yeah!!!be able to see that spectacular celebration of sports and humanity!

sana magkaanak ako ng isang olympiad! wooohoo!


i seriously think that i look so pale, unhealthy and bloated. i need some sunshine, do some workout and eliminate junkie stuff now!!!

whilst mi amigas, C, J & M are getting perfectly fit, i’m growing big like kim sam soon already. blech!


hmmm, since i went back from europa, noticed i haven’t gone out at night. but how come i still sleep 5ish always??


manila + shanghai + beijing + singapura + laos + cambodia + hong kong + macao + kuala lumpur = broke but happy camper


she is on a project and will be on her 10th day on 8.8.8, let’s see how it would fare.


she got inked. they got engaged. she is now with him. they won a grand prize raffle trip for 2 to LDN. he keeps on beating his PR. she is expecting anytime soon. arrrrg! these and some more exciting things happening to people i know, waaaah! i’m jealous!


almost there, but not quite. more sunsets i guess.


4 Responses to “just pop it”

  1. 2 lonerunner 14 August, 2008 at 9:18 pm

    Stressed ka ba? takbo m lang yan khet 3-4K…

  2. 3 banggigay 16 August, 2008 at 4:45 pm

    margaloo, i would. i’d surprise you!

    lonerunner, i am from time to time. and yeah i need to run to shake it. but it’s been raining outside. booo!

  3. 4 sardonicnell 19 August, 2008 at 7:32 am

    tell me about PRC, bangge. was planning to visit china sana on the way back from mnl, too see the great wall and the forbidden city. kahit yong two landmarks na yon, ayos na ako. but found out from the dept of state that a visa is required for PRC. grrrrr!

    nga pala friend, how was the europa trip? surely eh ang saya saya ng trip mo, dba?

    and speaking of stress, just shrug it off dear. and this non-team player, pakibatukan mo nga! hahaha :D

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